Raam ji/ Ramji ki chaal dekho Lyrics Translation Tattad Tattad

Movie: Ramleela
Music: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Lyrics: Siddharth-Garima
Singer: Aditya Narayan

Raam ji ki chaal dekho
Aankhon ki majaal dekho
Karein ye dhamaal dekho
Arey dil ko tum sambhaal dekho..

See Raamji's walk,
See the daring of the eyes,
see, he makes an uproar,
and see while keeping your heart safe
[or he might take it away]

Arey chaal dekho, dhaal dekho
Ragon mein ubaal dekho
Ho dekho, ho dekho
Dekho dekho dekho..

See his walk, his style,
see the boiling in his nerves (boiling of blood, his zeal basically)
See, see,
look at it..

tattad tattad tatad tatad
tattar tattar tatar tatar

Raam ji ke taav dekho
Nazar mein alaav dekho
Khelein kaise daanv dekho
Bhar dein saare ghaav dekho

See the anger of Raam ji,
and see the fire in his eyes..
look at the way he plays games
and see how his heals all wounds..

Arre haav dekho, bhaav dekho
Dhoop nikal chaanv dekho
Jo bhi sune gaaye jhoome
Chhedein aisi taal dekho
Ho dekho, ho dekho
Ho dekho dekho dekho..

See his expressions, [haav-bhaav = expressions]
See the shade in the sun..
Whoever listens, sings and dances,
such a rhythm he plays..
see, see..
take a look, yeah..

tattad tattad tatad tatad
tattar tattar tatar tatar

1 comment:

photographer said...

shuriya from a non-hindi
who is just a great fan of bollywood,etc..
priyanka, deepika, shriya,etc.

i don't know how many times i played this movie over and over again;
it blows even the Romeo and Juliet of Olivia Hussey days.
Hollywood? what 's that???lol

in the beginning Aish in Taal, etc ..was the best.

but really, when i saw Deepika in OMO dancing , i thought there will never be another better Deepika dance movie.
I was wrong, because Deep dances here blow all dance movies away...

After Deepika, I love Aishwarya and Priyanka a lot,
but Deepika just won my heart all over again, like she did
the first time i saw Deepika in
Om Shanti.

and Ram Leela is the best because I also get to see Priyanka as well.
but this movie is all Deep.

where can i marry a girl like that? waaaa !!! blows me away..with her gun and her beauty.

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