Party All Night Lyrics Translation [Boss] Aunty Police Bula Legi

Movie: Boss
Music and Singer: Yo Yo Honey Singh
Lyrics: Sahil Kaushal

Aaj botlaan khullan do..
Daru-sharu ghullan do..
Whisky da peg laga ke..
Saari duniya bhullan do..

Today let the bottles open,
let alcohol dissolve,
Let (us) have a peg of whisky
and forget the world..

Party all night..
We rule party all night..

Sun lo sari duniya waalon
Jitna bhi tum zor laga lo
Karenge party sari raat..
Gaand mein dum hai to band karwa lo..

Listen O people of whole world,
how so much ever power you use,
we'll party all night,
if you have strength, get it to stop..

Party all night..
We rule party all night..

Bajaate raho sabki..
Bajatey raho..

Keep beating everyone up,
Keep going..

Party All Night..
We rule party all night..

Jisne bhi party hai karni..
Aa jao mere ghar ke bheetar..
Daaru liquor, khane ko hai murga bheetar
Noida, Gurgaon, Dilli ki chhoriyaan aayi hain..
Sath mein yo yo ki CD'iyaan bhi layi hain..
Sawari saman ki ib khud zimmedaar hain..
Kar lo party sari raat, kal itwaar hai..
Music bajega loud, to aunti police bula legi..
Ib aunty ne jake kah do.. ye party yoon hi chalegi..

Whoever has to party,
Come inside my house..
There is alcohol, liquor, and chicken to eat inside..
There are girls from Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi,
Have also brought Yo Yo (Honey Singh, the singer himself)'s CDs too.
The passengers are now responsible for their own belongings
[often written in trains, buses etc., and different versions are written in many shops/restaurants too]
Party all night, tomorrow it's Sunday..
If the music is loud, Aunty will call the police..
Now go and tell aunty, the party will go like that only..

Party all night..
We rule party all night

Aunty police bula legi..
Phir bhi party yoon hi chalegi..

Party yoon hi chalegi..
Ib party yoon hi chalegi..

Khulli daru, khulla khana..
Har koi bole ghar ni jana..
Daddy ko tu kar de message..
Aaja ri kar ke bahana..
Party hori bahut bhayankar..
Party ke gajab nazare..
Dikkat hai bas ek baat ki..
Gaaon mein hain kayi taau kunware..

It's open liquor, open food,
Everyone says I don't wanna go home,
Send a message to your dad,
Make an excuse and come..
The party is humongous,
The scenes of party are awesome,
There is just one issue,
There are many men unmarried in the village..

Nikkar wali chhori ne..
Yoon botlaan chadha rakhi hai..
Ek khatam na hori isse..
Doosri mangwa rakhi hai..
Nachey dekh ri kaise..
Aag si laga rakhi hai..
Itti si to hai ni hai..
Aafat macha rakhi hai..

The girl with knickers
has drunk in such a way..
She's not even finished with one bottle,
and has ordered a next already..
See how she's dancing,
she's kept it all on fire,
She's just a little girl,
but she's created an uproar..

Party all night..
We rule party all night..

Aunty police bula legi..
Phir bhi party yoon hi chalegi..

Party yoon hi chalegi..
Ib party yoon hi chalegi..


Anonymous said...

Its not Gaand mai dum ....
They say it Kaan mai dum hai toh band krwalo...
It sounds like gaand..which is a slang.

Harshit Gupta said...


Yep. You read the crap on your TV and become omniscient.

Thanks for the comment anyway.

Anonymous said...

Neither its Gaand nor Kaan......................Its Guard me dum hai toh band krwa lo

Anonymous said...

Gaand hi h chanda mama

Anonymous said...

Kaan m dum kaise hota h!

Pranji said...

Aaj bhi duniya mein bahut bhole log rehte hain.. mere ko to ye comments padh ke pata laga.. hahaha

Anonymous said...

It's gaand....... kabhi kaan mein dum hota suna h kya? ¿¿?? ¿ hehehehe

Anonymous said...

jo bhi kaan mein dum krne wale hain wo gazab hi 'kaan-du' hain... if u know what i mean :P :P

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