Ayushman Khurana O Heeriye Tenu Le Jana Lyrics Translation

Music: Ayushmann Khurrana, Rochak Kohli
Lyrics and Singing: Ayushman Khurana

Jadd tennu vekhiyaan pehli vaari main taan..
Tennu hi takda rayaan..
Janchda nai si tere naal main taan..
Phir bhi jachda reyaan..

When I saw you for the first time,
I kept just looking at you..
I don't look good with you,
[as you're so much more beautiful than me]
but still kept looking good (to myself)..

Khinchda reyan tennu apni or..
Tennu main kenda riyaan
O heeriye tennu lai jaaNaa hai..
Gal tu man vich basa..
Nahi jeena tere bina..
Saanu de na saza

I kept pulling you towards me,
And I kept telling you,
O beloved, I have to take you away (with me)
keep that in your heart..
I don't have to live without you...
Don't punish me..

O heeriye tenu le jaana..

Jaane na tu ae kyoon
teri yaadon mein tanha hua
Tere liye saansein
chalein meri, zinda hua
Tu jo kahe to
Paaniyon pe chal doon main
Karaan tera sadka
Tera hi sajda karaan..

Why don't you know this,
that I have become lonely in your memories..
My breaths go on or you,
I have become alive (for you)..
If you ask me, I shall walk on water,
I gave away everything for you,
I bow in prayer to you only..

O heeriye tenu le jaana hai
Ae gal tu man vich wasa
Nai jeena main tere bina hun ta
kyun dendi tu ae sazaa

Heeriye.. Khudi se toota hai
Aaina jhootha hai yaara..
bande ki bandagi udi
Dekho ye zindagi mudi

O beloved, it's broken by selfness,
The mirror is a liar, O friend..
The prayers of the devotee are gone,
See, my life has taken a turn..

[He's trying to say here that he's lost the high place where he kept himself, and instead, he's praying her now.]

Rab ka ye tukda,
Sona jeya mukhda
Ek wari hore dikha
Gham ki parat pe
Jhooti hi sharat pe
Phir se ye jeena sikha

This piece of God,
Your beautiful face,
show me once more..
On the layer of sadness (that I am feeling)
Even on false conditions,
teach me how to live..

O heeriye tenu le jaana
Ae gal tu man wich wasa
Nai jeena tere bina..

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful song and such a wonderful meaning! Thanks and keep up the good work :D

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

aayushman u'r the best!!!!
what a fabulous song

Anonymous said...

best song ever ,,.. keepp it up ,...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't like punjabi song much coz i don't understand but whenever a song comes from Ayushman it attracts me like anything i couldn't resist it.....u r the best and the same goes for this song

Anonymous said...

Jus grt !! Suppalike...

Anonymous said...

fab, wonderful song ayushaman

Anonymous said...

mesmerizin song <3

rohan pandya said...

nice work - also check



Saurabh Nikumbh said...

Awesome as usual

Anonymous said...

I too dont like punjabi songs much .but ayushmaan tracks are beatiful.
But he should also try hindi songs as well as english albums like pee cee

kiran said...

Love u ayushman.....

Anonymous said...

Loved the lyrics......
what an amazing song is dis!!!
Love u ayushmannn:*

Anonymous said...

GoooOD Lyrics.. <3

Anonymous said...

Amazing song. Beautiful lyrics. Ayushmann you rock!! :) (y) keep it up! <3

Anonymous said...

Ayushmannnn!!! Love you! :* THIS SONG IS FAB! <3 In love with your voice <3 Sucha meaningful song with great tune! Good job by both Rochak and Ayushmann! :)

Anonymous said...


deepanshi bansal said...

awesome song withawesome meaning...heart touching song..lovely n emotional...wow to ayushman..

abhi said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

nicE oNE....

Anonymous said...

Good one ......... it touched.. ......

Anonymous said...

love it!!!!<3 <3...

Anonymous said...

Loved it ayush...u r rly vei talntd...

Anonymous said...

Juzz awsum man.dis song touchd my heart ! luvv d song..gr8 work!!

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