Kaisi Bebasi Lyrics Translation [Warning 3D]

Movie: Warning 3D
Music: Meet Bros, Anjjan
Lyrics: Kumaar
Featuring: Ranjit Barot on Drums
Singer: James/ Aditi Paul

Bebasi is a beautiful song sung by James. It's a song about helplessness, and some hope, though on the verge of leaving that hope. The song in its video features James too.

Another thing, since the film's producer and crew are decided that they want to use Taakeed as warning, the same meaning is used here in order to get the best meaning. For more detail on the word though, you can check Takeed Meaning or Takeed Doesn't Really Mean Warning.

Bulbule saans ke..
Saans ke doobte tairte..
Dhoondhein kinaara..

Bubbles of breath,
the bubbles, drowning and swimming,
they look for the shore..

Bulbule waqt ke..
Waqt ke lamhon ki aankh se..
Kar de ishaara..

Bubbles of time,
from the eyes of moments of time,
signal (to us)..

Nazron se chooki taakeedein..
Dhundli padi hain ummeedein..
Bebasi.. Kaisi bebasi..
Bebas kyoon hai yeh zindagi..

The warnings were missed by the eyes,
hopes are diminished,
helplessness, what a helplessness,
why is the life so helpless..

Jab raaste mile, chalne ke liye
Bhanvar pe, paanv pad gaye..
Kuchh baarishein giri pedon pe is tarah..
Shaakh se, patte jhad gaye..
Kismat ki hain yeh hawaayein..
Tinkon sa hum ko udaayein..

When we got the paths, to walk,
the feet fell on whirlpool..
some rains poured on the trees
such that from the branches, leaves broke..
These winds are those of fate,
They fly us like straws..

Bebasi.. Kaisi bebasi..
Bebas kyoon hai yeh zindagi..

Lehron pe hi kahin, nazrein talaashti
Shaayad koi, zameen mile
Doobi hui zara, suraj ki aanch se
Halki si, roshni mile

On the waves, the eyes search,
(hoping that) some earth is found..
(That maybe) some light is found,
drowned, by the flames of the sun

Pathraa gayi hai ye aankhein
Bas aasmaan pe nigahein, ya..

The eyes have waited too long,
(still), they just look at the sky [in hope of a sign, a rescue..]

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sajib said...

Tremendous song. Just love it.

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