Hum na Chhode Tode Phode Lyrics Translation [Boss]

Movie: Boss
Music: Vidyasagar [Original song for Ghilli], PA Deepak [Official Credit by T-Series Youtube page]
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singer: Vishal Dadlani

Hum na chhodein todein phodein is the Hindi remake of popular Tamil song Apdi Pode Pode, which is actually from film Ghilli, and has been a chartbuster across India, even featuring in a Hindi advertisement of Motorola starring Abhishek Bachchan.

Re passe ne hat ja re taau..
Boss aa riya se..
Pata koni ke tanne..
Boss re boss..

O move from here, man,
Boss is coming..
Don't you know,
he's boss, yeah, boss..

Hum na chhodein, todein, phodein..
Jo bhi humse panga le..

We don't leave, (but) break him, burst him,
whoever messes with us..

Collar nikal ke..
Jeans phati daal ke..
Duniya ko bandh ke, apne rumaal se..
Hum to chale jhoomte..
Dayein-bayein ghoomte..

taking the collar out,
wearing torn jeans,
tying the world with our handkerchief,
we go dancing,
swerving left and right..

Masti full on re..
Rokega kaun re..

We have full on fun,
who will stop us..

hum na chhodein, todein, phodein..
Jo bhi humse panga le..

Hey jo yahaan baat karega, akad ke
Taang denge us ko chaand pe, pakad ke..
Apna to mijaaz hi bada, hai manmaana..
Hum hain Boss baaki sab yahaan, gulaam hain..
Aate-jaate hum ko thokte salaam hain..
Apne hi usool pe chale, yeh zamana..

Hey, whoever would talk here with an air,
we'll hold and hang him on the moon,
our mood is very wilful..
we're the boss here, and everyone else is a slave,
they salute us as we pass..
This world goes on our rules only..

Maana humne hum dheeth hain..
Lekin dil ke hum meet hain..
Geet yahi chhed ke, apni guitar pe
Fikron ka aasman sir se utaar ke..
Hum to chale jhoomte..
Ohh daayein-baayein ghoomte..

I admit that I am shameless,
but I am good at heart..
Playing this song on the guitar
and removing the sky of tensions from my head,
I go dancing,
swerving left and right..

Masti full on re..
Rokega kaun re..

Re khatam nahi hua baavdi poonchh..
Abe dhol peet le..
Re guitar baja le Jackson ki aulaad..
Re peepni ne phoonk le..
Hawa ni bhar ri ke ander..
Re orchestra bajaa..

O idiot it's not over yet..
O beat the dhol..
Play guitar O jackson's son,
blow into the flute,
don't you have any air filled in you..
O play the orchestra..

apni to hai seedhi-saadi si philosophy
Khaate peete mauj mein kate, ye zindagi..
Dil rahe khushi ke hi nashe mein chakraya..
hum to cheez hain kamaal ki, pehchaan lo..
Yaar jaa ke husn waalo se, ye jaan lo..
Hum ne hi to ladkiyon ka dil, hai dhadkaaya..

My philosophy is simple and straight,
this life should pass eating-drinking and enjoying,
The heart should be under the intoxication of joy,
Identify us, we are a thing of amazement,
Go and ask the beautiful ones,
we only have made the hearts of girls beat..

Apne charche akhbaar mein..
Chhapte rehte hain pyaar mein..
Ishq hum to karte hain, apne hisab se...
Hum pe yakeen na ho to, poochh lo janaab se..

Our news are there in the newspaper,
they keep on printing in love..
We love in our own ways,
If you don't believe, you can ask the honorable..

Hum na chhode, tode, phode..
Jo bhi humse panga le..

Ae taau boss chala gaya..
Ab kaahein ki uchhal-kood

Hey man, Boss has left,
now what's there to jump about..

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