Selfie Le Le Re Lyrics Translation | Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Movie: Bajrangi Bhaijaan [Meaning]
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Mayur Puri
Singer: Vishal Dadlani, Nakash Aziz, Pritam
Additional Vocals: Aditya Pushkarna
Music Label: T-Series

jai jai bajrang bali
toD de dushman ki nali

hail lord Hanuman,
break the enemy’s veins..

dha tuna tuna baaje Danka
london ho ya lanka
goonje re chaaron ore
aap ki rahe anukampa
na Dar na hi shanka
nachenge hum jor
jogi chalaye koi jantar
khilega tera antar
tu aaja guru mantar ye le le re

drum beats with a loud sound
be it London or Lanka,
it makes noise all around,
may there always be your compassion,
may there be no fear or doubt,
we’ll dance with all the might..
even if someone does (black) magic on us,
your heart will open
come, take this mantra from this teacher..

[Guru mantra is a learning given by a teacher especially that is helpful for a student in important situations.]

ae le le, ae le, ae le
ae le le le le re..

take this, ah, take this..

apna paraya jo mile jhappi le le re
masti ki Tanki mein tan ek Dhubki le le re

your close or far, whoever meets, hug him,
take a dip in the tank of fun..

chal beta selfie le le re
phunva pe selfie le le re

O son, take a selfie,
take a selfie on the phone..


Anonymous said...

Overall Good translation. Word "paraya" I don't think was translated right and I too don't know exact one word replacement in English :D.
apna paraya jo mile jhappi le le re
your close ( apna( literally - "our own"(people)) - relative/kin/friend/any of "your own" people ) or non-relative/kin/friend/acquaintance , whoever meets, hug him

indranee said...

apna/paraya = your own/others

another question: do you have a translation for the rap component of the song?

Unknown said...

Excellent job. Regards,
hanuman chalisa.

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