Aa Bhi Ja Tu Kahin se Aa Bhi Jaa Lyrics Translation | Sonu Nigam

Music: Jeet Ganguli
Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir
Singer: Sonu Nigam
Music Label: T-Series

After a few years of a complex relationship with India's biggest music label, Sonu Nigam is back for a song (and before that a Gulshan Kumar tribute program) to the place where he started his career. The song aa bhi jaa, composed by Jeet Gannguli, has a feeling that was there in Sonu Nigam's '90s' albums, Deewana, Jaan and Yaad. And while the song may not be an instant hit, given time, it does grow on you. Personally, I am missing the rest 7 songs that used to be there in a typical Sonu Nigam album, as this one is just a single.

chhup gayin shaamein
kis gali jaane
ho gaye hum juda yoon dheere
gir gayeen haath se jaise lakeerein
hawaayein roz aate jaate
sunaayein mujhe bas teri baatein
ye mere raat din kuchh khaas hote
shart hai ye agar tum paas hote
aa bhi jaa tu kaheen se aa bhi jaa..

our evenings are lost,
I don’t know in which street..
we have become separated, slowly, in such a way
as if lines of fate have fallen from the palm..
winds, when passing everyday,
tell me about you only..
these nights and days of mine would have been special,
if only you were with me,
come, come from anywhere, just come..

aaj bhi tere naam par
jugnoo se jalein aankhen meri
aaj bhi teri saanson se
hain lipTi huin saansein meri
dekh le badla kuch bhi to nahi
aaj tere mere darmiyaan
aa bhi jaa tu kaheen se aa bhi jaa..

even today, on your name,
my eyes shine bright like a firefly..
even today, with your breaths,
my breaths are attached too..
see, nothing has changed,
between you and me..
come, just come back from anywhere you are..

joD ke maine joD ke
rakhi hain sabhi maine yaadein teri
tu gayi jabse tu gayi
soyi hi nahi tabse raatein meri
jal gayin dekho jal gayin
taare gin ke meri ungliyaan
aa bhi jaa tu kaheen se aa bhi jaa..

I have kept collected,
all your memories,
the moment since you have gone,
my nights have not slept,
see, I have burnt my fingers,
counting the stars (in the nights when I was trying to sleep)
come, just come back from anywhere you are..

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