Chitta Ve Lyrics Translation | Udta Punjab Title Song

Movie: Udta Punjab
Music: Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Shellee
Singer: Shahid Mallya, Babu Haabi, Bhanu Pratap
Label: Zee Music Company

Udta Punjab is a film based on drug addiction/abuse, and the song here talks about the same, talking to the powder itself in some places.

dekho dekho…

dekho main hoon aamne
aur tussi ho saamne
burrah, burrah, burrah
hain sab dil lage thaamne

look look,
look I’m in front (of you)
and you are in front of you.
hey, hey,
all have started to hold their hearts..

zindagi chill hai ya jiyo jiyo speeD vich
aazadi lipaTi maza hai saara weed vich

whether your life is chill, or you live it in speed,
the freedom and fun is all in rolling the weed.

chauDe mein raho high
kaahe ki koi rok Tok
choon chaan kare jo koi
usko do othe hi Thok

be high without a worry,
who can control or stop you..
whoever says anything (against your wish)
kill him there itself.

chaDDi pehan ke gaaun
ya phir gaaun nanga
tu hota hai kaun chooze
chal teri maa da kangna*

whether I sing in briefs,
or I sing in the nude,
who are you to tell me, o chicken,
go to hell..

main jaisa bhi hoon
cool cool dude changa
panga na lena mujhse
main uDta patanga

however I am,
I am pretty cool dude.
don’t make trouble with me,
I am a flying spark..

meri aan baan shaan
tsunami main toofaan
har desh mein hain fan
mujhe kahaan mile chain

I’ve got pride and splendour
I am a tsunami, a storm,
I’ve got fans in every country,
where do I ever get peace..

mera gaana jab bhi baaje
police ho ya chor naache
mujhe gyaan na pilaana
main hoon antaryaami
tum hari gun gaao
main paidaishi haraami.. boom!

when my song plays,
be it police or a thief, all dance,
don’t give me gyaan (roughly, lectures here)
I am omniscient,
you sing the praises of lord,
and I am a born rascal. boom!

o chiTTa ve, o chiTTa ve
kaiyaan nu hai khush kitta ve
hai miTTha ve, hai miTTha ve
kunDi nashe wali khol ke dekh

uDta punjab!

O white one, O white one,
you have made so many happy..
you are sweet, ah sweet,
unbolt the latch of dope and see.

[‘ChiTTa ve’ is addressing to the powder here, which is white in color, hence the word chiTTa.]

fakeera ve, fakeera ve
ehi teri sohni meera ve
lakeera ve, lakeera ve
bas nakk naale khichch ke dekh

O poor soul, O fakeera,
this only is your beautiful Meera.
the lines (of powder),
just inhale them through your nose and see.

uDta punjab…

Flying Punjab.

chiTTa ve, chiTTa ve
jisne vi ehnu liTTa ve
jitta ve, jitta ve
kunDi nashe wali khol ke dekh…

O white one, O white one,
whoever tried this,
has won, yeah, won,
unbolt the latch of dope and see.

uDta punjab…

chiTTa videshi hai par bole ab punjabi hai
poore punjab mein bas iski nawabi hai
aag hai shola ye angaaron ka libaas hai
nas nas mein ghusa hua
har dil ka ye khaas hai
har dil ka ye khaas hai
har dil ka ye khaas hai..

the white one is a foreigner, but it talks Punjabi now.
in the entire Punjab, it’s reigning like a nawab.
It’s fire, a fireball, a dress made of fireballs.
it’s close to every heart,
it’s special to every heart..

khet khalihano se ya chungi naake raahon se
yaari hai iski bandon ke kaale gunaahon se
hai waadiyon mein, shaadiyon mein, marghaTon mein ye..
rang raliyon mein, kaliyon mein, aahaTon mein ye..
hadein aur sarhadein saari paar kar gaya
pehle maza aur phir mazaar kar gaya

be it farmlands, custom-booths, tolls or roads,
it’s friendship is there with the dark crimes of people everywhere.
it’s there in the valleys, in weddings and crematoriums,
it’s there in revelling, buds and sounds of footsteps,
it has crossed all the limits and borders,
first it gave delight, and then death.

[mazaa means fun, and mazaar means tomb. Though mazaar is a used for only great or well known people’s graves, since it makes a kind of word play with mazaa then mazaar, it’s used here for anybody’s grave, or simply death.]

maut ka vyapaar, talab baar baar
har kaheen iski vaar, aar ya to paar
chhora chhori ho ya naar, munDa kuDi mutiyaar
iska pehle badhe pyar phir cheekh aur pukaar

this is business of death, it has cravings again and again,
it’s attack is everywhere, on this side or that (probably talking about the border)
be it guy, girl, or a woman, young people, or village people,
first they fall in love with it, and then cry (with helplessness)

peele patangon mein uDta punjab.
*… uDta punjab.

Punjab, flying in yellow sparks,
*… flying Punjab.

uDta punjab…

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