Aap ki Ankhon mein Warna Aaj Qatl-e-aam Hai Lyrics Translation | Raman Raghav

Movie: Raman Raghav 2.0
Music: Ram Sampath
Lyrics: Varun Grover
Singer: Sona Mahapatra
Music Label: T-Series

Qatl-e-aam is an Urdu phrase which means killing of common men (or persons really, not men as such). So any killing which is just for the purpose of killing anyone who is present at the moment and not directed at someone specific, is qatl-e-aam. However the phrase is used for praising beauty, the way one could call someone’s beauty a killer.

As for this song here, it’s a ghazal with a relatively long meter, even though it might not sound like a typical ghazal.

hai ghaneemat dil ye patthar, ho chuka tamaam hai.
aapki ankhon mein warna, aaj qatl-e-aam hai..

Thank goodness that this heart (of mine) is already become a stone,
otherwise, in your eyes there is a potential to kill people today.

chhoD ke saari sharam ko shaam ki chaukhaT pare,
aaiye aa jaayiye, ye raat ik hamaam hai..

leaving the shyness beyond the threshold of evening,
come, come into the night, this night is a bath.

aapki ankhon mein warna, aaj qatl-e-aam hai..

sab sunaate hain ki humne, haq hi kyon tumko diya,
jaanejaan khud hi batayein, ye koi ilzaam hai..

everyone says why I gave you this right,
now, beloved, you only tell me, is it even an allegation.

aapki ankhon mein warna, aaj qatl-e-aam hai..

hai saraafa dil ka aur ye, waqt bohni ka hua..
laakh ki ye cheez saahab, kauDiyon ke daam hai..

this is the market of the heart, and it’s time for the first sale,
(and that’s why) I am offering you this thing worth millions for peanuts.

[sarraafa is the word used for the market of gold and silver jewellery.
‘bohni’ is the first sale of the day and it is believed that it’s bad for business to let a customer go back without buying until you have made the first sale. Hence in businesses where bargaining is common, shopkeepers often offer low rates, though at times it’s used as an excuse as well.

aapki aankhon mein warna, aaj qatl-e-aam hai..

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