Mushkil Kusha, Noor-e-Khuda O Re Rangreza Lyrics Translation | Jolly LLB 2

Movie: Jolly LLB 2
Music: Vishal Khurana
Lyrics: Junaid Wasi
Singers: Sukhwinder Singh, Murtuza Mustafa, Qadir Mustafa
Music Label: T-Series

O re rangreza is a beautifully written Qawwali from the point of view of a protagonist who turns to God when all his paths seem to be closed and so he submits himself completely to Him, requesting for help in these tough times, and to show him the path, whatever way possible. The Qawwali is performed by Sukhwinder Singh, along with Murtuza Mustafa and Qadir Mustafa, sons of Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan.

mere maula… O re rangreza
rooh ne arzi lagayi hai
sahi kadam chala maula
mann ko ainTh ke baati kar
tera charaagh jalaa maula

O my guide, O dyer,
my soul has sent a request (to you)
make me walk the right path, O my guide,
roll my heart (with pressure, as done with cotton), and make a wick of it,
light your lamp O my guide,
O dyer..

[The idea is that you put as much pressure on my heart as needed, and make a wick of it, that you can use to light the lamp in the light of which I'll be able to see the right path in life and walk on it. A beautiful metaphor is used with the lamp wick here, as you have to put a bit of pressure to the cotton to make a wick which can burn for long in a lamp.]

mushkil kusha O re noor-e-khuda
O re rangreza

O remover of my obstacles, O divine light,
O dyer..

kaarigar kismat ke ye bigRi bana de tu
itne sajdon ki hai keemat ye bata de tu
purza purza zindagi ka dekh bigRa hai
kis jagah main sar jhukaaun, dar dikha de tu…

O maker of fates, turn my bad times into good.
show that there is some value of these prayers...
see, every part of life is in a bad shape,
where shall I bow my head, show me that door...

mushkil kusha O re noor-e-khuda
O re rangreza

maathe pe har ek bigRi baat likh di hai
ye duaa bhi arziyon ke saath likh di hai
haunsle ki is patang ko taav tu de de
bin paron ke aasmaan ye chhoone nikli hai

I have written everything that's gone wrong on my forehead,
I have written this prayer with my request,
give some strength/rise to this kite of courage,
it has started out to touch the sky without wings..

mushkil kusha O re noor-e-khuda
O re rangreza

rooh ne arzi lagaayi hai
sahi kadam chala maula
mann ko ainth ke baati kar
tera charaag jala maula

main hoon maaTi jag bazaar
tu kumhaar hai, maula…
meri keemat kya lage sab teri marzi hai
subah maathe tu zara sa noor bas mal de
to sanvar jaaye ye kismat itni arzi hai…

I'm clay, and this world is the market
you are the potter, O my guide...
what's my price, it's all your wish,
if you just rub a bit of divinity on my forehead in the morning,
my fate will change for the good, that's all I request you..

mushkil kusha O re noor-e-khuda
O re rangreza

mere maula..
O rangreza..

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