Chacha Vidhayak Hain Hamare Lyrics Translation | Title Song

Series: Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare
Music: Vishal Dadlani
Lyrics: Hussain Haidry
Singer: Vishal Dadlani
Featuring on: Amazon Prime Video

Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare is an Amazon Prime Video Original series created by Zakir Khan. The title song is composed and sung by Vishal Dadlani, and written by Hussain Haidry.

apne mohalle ke fanne khan hain hum
Tapri pe baiThe huye baadshah hain hum
din bhar khayaali khuraafaat hum karein
saalon se shaam ko lapata hain hum

I am the local hero of my area,
I'm the emperor sitting at the roadside tea shop.
I think of mischiefs all day,
I go missing in the evening for years.

naapi hain saRkein bike pe
dekhi picturein black mein
kismat zara puncture magar
gaaRi hai phir bhi track pe

I have measured roads on my bike
(saRak naapna is an idiom, meaning to loiter around.)
and watched movies with a black market ticket.
My luck is a bit punctured but
My life seems to be on track.

kehne ko lukkhe hum hain lekin hoye
laakhon sahaayak hain hamare
chacha vidhayak hain hamare
khulle faaTak hain hamare, hamare
chacha vidhaayak hain hamare

as such, I'm a vagrant,
but I have thousands of supporters.
My uncle is an MLA.
all the gates are open for me,
my uncle is an MLA.

kharcha paani kya ginein hum
dosti apni kamaayi hai
yaari aisi ke kahein hum
ek tu hi to mera bhai hai, re bhai hai

why count money etc.,
friendship is what I have earned.
I have such friendships,
that we say 'you alone are my brother.'

do pahiyon par triple chale hain
aadhe lafanDar hain, aadhe bhale hain
panga ho chaahe ek ka lekin
saath bhiRe hain aur saath piTe hain

we have travelled triples on two wheels,
we are half loafers, and half gentlemen.
It might be an issue with one of us,
but we have fought together, and got beaten together.

kehne ko saade hum hain lekin
shauk bhayanak hain hamare hoye
chacha vidhayak hain hamare

as such, we are simple,
but our tastes are dangerously high.
my uncle is an MLA.

khulle faaTak hain hamare, hamare
chacha vidhaayak hain hamare

kisi bhi taale ki chaabhi bana dein
kunDali ke mangal shani ghuma dein
hum hain jugaaR ke bum chu praani
boTi dikha kar bakra bhi la dein

we can make a key for any lock,
we can turn the bad planets and stars of the horoscope around,
we are the kings of hacks,
we can show a piece of meat and get someone fooled.

[Here, boti dikhaana, literally to show a piece of meat, is showing someone a bait, and bakra is someone who is fooled. So the meaning is that we can show someone a small bait, and fool them. The fact that 'boti' (piece of meat) generally comes from a 'bakra' (goat) makes it interesting.]

kehne ko farzi hum hain lekin
aaye haye jaadoo chakachak hain hamare
chacha vidhayak hain hamare

as such, I am a fake (as in, a nobody, with no real background),
but my magic is superb.
my uncle is an MLA.

khulle faaTak hain hamare, hamare
chacha vidhaayak hain hamare

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