Rahoon main Malang Lyrics Translation | Malang Title Track

Movie: Malang[meaning] (2020)
Music: Ved Sharma
Lyrics: Kunaal Vermaa, Harsh Limbachiya
Singer: Ved Sharma
Music Label: T-Series

kaafira to chal diya is safar ke sang
manzilein na Dor koi leke apna rang
rahoon main malang, malang, malang
main malang haye re

this unbeliever (that's me) has started with this journey,
(as in wherever this journey takes me)
there are no destinations, nor any strings attached.
I remain vagrant, crazy, nomad.

main bairagi sa jiyoon, ye bhaTakta mann
ab kahan le jayega ye awarapan

I live like a recluse, this heart of mine wanders,
where shall this vagrancy take me now!

rahoon main malang, malang, malang
main malang, haye re

hai naseebon mein safar to
main kahi bhi kyun rukoon
chhoR ke aaya kinaare
beh sakoon jitna bahoon

if there is journeying in my fate,
why should I stop anywhere?
I have left the shores,
I now flow as much as I can.

din guzarte hi rahe
yoon hi be-mausam
raaste tham jaayein par
ruk na paaye hum

days kept passing
just like that, without reason.
there are no more paths,
but I can't stop.

rahoon main malang, malang, malang
main malang haye re

roobaroo khud se hua hoon
mujhe mein mujhko tu mila
baadalon ke is jahaan mein
aasmaan tujh mein mila

I have seen myself now,
I have found you in myself.
In this world of clouds,
I found the sky in you.

pighli hai ab raat bhi
hai sehar bhi ye nam
naa khuda main to raha
ban gaya tu dharam

Now even the night has melted,
even this morning is wet now.
I'm not my God anymore*,
you became my religion.

rahoon main malang, malang, malang
main malang haye re

* - The meaning of this last line is a bit unclear. While the intent is ultimately to say that you have become my religion, as in, now I worship you, sort of, it's not sure whether the first part here is what's written, or if it is
1. naakhuda main to raha (naakhuda=boatman, ship's captain, thus meaning I remained the captain of my ship) or
2. na khuda mein tu raha (you didn't remain in god) or
3. naakhuda mein tu raha (you remained/lived in the captain), neither of which make sense to me.

A fourth possibility is that the lyricist wants to use naakhuda as 'unbeliever' rather than boatman, saying 'I remained an unbeliever', or maybe 'You lived in an believer and became a religion'. This seems to make sense, though naakhuda doesn't really mean unbeliever.

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