Tarkeebein: Lyrics, Translation (Band Baaja Baaraat)

Tarkeebein, tarkeebein kitni hai tarkeebein
Tarkeebein, tarkeebein apni hai tarkeebein
Satrangi sapne hai, atrangi tarkeebein

plans, plans, so many are plans,
plans, plans, ours are plans,
rainbow colored are dreams, multi-colored are plans..

Sar ke maalish ke jaise hain mansoobe har dil ke
uljhe baalon se lekin raaste hain manzil ke
Jebon mein rakh le yaara, kanghi hai tarkeebein..

every heart's intentions are like a head massage,
but the ways to destination are like tangled hair,
keep in the pockets, plans are combs..

Hum kal se kal niptenge jo hoga dekh lenge
Hum tas se mas na honge jo hoga dekh lenge
Thande pade jo haunsle sek lenge
Chadhte sooraj ko chhooke sek lenge
Tension vension kya hai bas maathe pe bal hote hain
Beparwah muskaano se yehi masle hal hote hain
Aazma le aazma le changi hain tarkeebein

we'll see tomorrow tomorrow only, whatever happpens, will see,
we won't move at all (from our intentions) whatever happpens, will see,
the morale that is cold, we'll heat it up (like on a stove or something, physically)
we'll touch the up-moving sun and heat up,
what's tension, it's just lines on the forehead,
problems are solved only with carefree smiles,
try, try, plans are good..

bachpan se gyaan sunte hain mat samjho life is easy
itni bhi kya hai jaldi, thoda sa take is easy
maana future se ummeden to lagi hain
kyon na jiyen jo aaj mein zindagi hai
mushkil ke dhabbon ko jam ke mehnat se dho lenge
kamjoshi kaisi bhaiya hum saare nal kholenge
aazmaale aazmale tanki hain tarkeebein..

since childhood we listen to 'knowledge': don't think life is easy,
what's the hurry, take it easy a little,
we agree there are hopes from future,
(but) why not live the life that is there today,
we'll wash the stains of trouble with hardwork,
there's no less enthusiasm, we'll open all the taps,
try, try, plans are tanks..

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