Duniya mein pyaar jab barse Lyrics Translation (Delhi Belly)

Here is the translation of the lyrics of Delhi Belly's Saigal Blues.

duniya mein pyaar jab barse
na jaane dil ye kyon tarse

when love rains in the world,
don't know why this heart suffers (longs)..

is dil ko kaise samjhaun
pagal ko kaise main manaun
NaadaaniyaaN jo tum karte
Ranjish mein hum hi kyon marte..

how do I explain to this heart,
how do I placate the idiot
When it's you who does (all these) silly things,
Then why do I have to suffer (lit. die) from this distress..

is dard ki na hai dawai
majnu hai ya hai tu kasai

there is no cure to this pain
are you a lover or a butcher

jebon mein lakh guldaste
kyon ek phool pe atke

you have lacs of bouquets in your pocket
why are you stuck on just one flower?

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Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, thanks for the translation!! I'd love to see the lyrics of "Bedardi Raja" from Delhi Belly translated...In fact, all the songs from that album!! This is the only place I could find a decent translation. Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post. I always find smth very useful here.
I would make one correction to the lyrics though...

NaadaaniyaaN jo tum karte
Ranjish meiN hum hi kyoN maarte?

It's you who does (all these) crazy/silly things,
Then why it's me who has to suffer (lit. die) from this grief/distress?

Thanks again for your work.

Harshit Gupta said...


Thanks a lot. Was a bit difficult getting the words right in the nasal tone. Thanks a lot. :)

cachafaz said...

thanks so much! really appreciate the translation of this lovely song.

Anonymous said...

Pls. Translate Bedardi Raja Song also..

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