Nakkadwaley Disco, udhaarwaley khisko Lyrics Translation

Teri tirchhi nazar ne dil ko kar diya pancher
oye pancher pancher pancher pancher pancher..
nakkad wale disco udhar wale khisko

your crooked sight punctured my heart
puncture puncture puncture puncture
those who give cash are welcome, those for credit may go..

tumko dekha to kho gaya
main fell in love sa ho gaya
socha tumne bhi hint diya
lekin sandal ka print diya
dil tukde tukde ho gaya
us din main jaldi so gaya
ghumaya tune left right and center
oye sandal sandal sandal sandal sandal

when I saw you I got lost,
I like fell in love,
I thought u too gave a hint,
but you gave sandal's print,
the heart broke into pieces
that day I slept early
you moved left right and center..
the sandal, sandal, sandal, sandal...

Teri tirchhi nazar ne dil ko kar diya pancher
udhar nakad udhar nakad disco
disco disco disco disco...
khisko khisko khisko khisko..

is dil ki nakdi le lo na
aur pyaar udhara de do na
meri kismat mein hai chhed kami
dekho isko aur khuredo na
mere lakhon sapne toote hain
sab mauke hath se chhoote hain
haan maar na maar na inkaron ke hanter
oye pancher pancher pancher pancher pancher..

take the cash this heart is offering,
and give lend your love,
there is a hole in my fate,
don't dig it further,
millions of my dreams are broken,
I've lost all the chances,
don't hit with the hunters of refusals,
o, puncture puncture puncture puncture...

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Anonymous said...

In the line "haan maar na maar na in caron ke hanter" .. it's not in caron .. !!! it's "inkaaron" (inkaar : to refuse) .. !!

Anonymous said...

this song has great lyrics
but its mara left a right aur center

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