Saans Albeli/ Kaun si Dor Lyrics, Meaning, Translation

Movie: Aarakshan
Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Prasoon Joshi
Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi
Singers: Chhannulal Mishra
Label: Sony Music

saans albeli
saans albeli
saans albelee
saans albeli..

kaun si dor kheenche kaun si kaate re kaate re
saans albeli saans albeli..
saans albeli kahe kaahe mohe baante re

this strange breath, (I guess it means this strange life here)
this strange breath,
don't know which string it pulls and which one it cuts..
this strange breath..
why does this strange breath divide me...

man jangal mein aandhi halchal
patte bichhdan laage
leher leher utpaat nadi mein
hriday jwaar sa jaage
jeevan shor aaye aur jaaye
shashwat base sannate..

in the forest of heart there is a storm,
leaves are falling off..
in the river there is a commotion of waves
the heart wakes like a tide..
the noise of life comes and goes,
silences live eternally..

bade jatan se phasal lagayi
chun chun beej rachaye
bandh taktaki ki rakhwari
tab ankur muskaaye
bhagya chiraiyyan badi nithur hain,
kaun jo usko daante re..

with lot of hard work (I) planted the crop,
put in chosen seeds,
keeping a regular eye I guarded it,
then only seedling smiled,
(but) the fate birds are very ruthless,
who can scold them?

(meaning here is that you can do your best in life but still fate is very ruthless and can destroy everything you created with your hard work, and there is nobody who can stop or change that)

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