Badal Uthya ri Sakhi: Lyrics, Translation (MKBKM)

The song Baadal Uthya ri Sakhi is an old folk song from Haryana and hence the movie version also has strong Haryanvi influences in the language. Also, some lyrics may not be perfect due to lack of command on the dialect. Any improvements in lyrics/translation are welcome. Thanks.

Movie: Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola
Music: Folk/Vishal Bhardwaj
Singer: Rekha Bharadwaj

Badal Uthya ri Sakhi
Badal Uthiya ri Sakhi
Mere saasre ki ore,
Paani barsega sir tod..
Baadal uthyaa ri Sakhi.

The cloud has come up, O my friend,
The cloud has come up..
Towards my in-laws home (where she'd live)
Huge amount of water will rain
The cloud has come up..

moti moti boond phataphat
Phoootan Lag gye Kode se
paani ke bahaa ke aage
beh gaye nakke dyodhe se..
Uttar Dakshin Poorab Pashchim,
Hawa ke Chikode se,
Zangdya ke Kiwaad Munde
Khul gye ode sode se..

Huge drops rained quickly,
like some whips..
In front of the waterflow,
all the stops n gatehouses went flowing..
In all directions,
With the gust of wind..
The doors which were rusted and closed,
Got opened easily..

Kissa Pul tootya ri sakhi
Beh gye Naddi naale jod,
paani barsega sir tod..

The bridge was broken O my friend,
all the rivers, streams and water bodies went flowing,
Huge amount of water will rain..

Badal Uthya ri Sakhi
Badal Uthyaa ri Sakhi

Note: As per some sources, the song actually talks about a wedding and the first night of the newlyweds. So if you so wish, you can take the lyrics in that particular perspective and we believe you'll find some undertones and some more enjoyment.

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Anonymous said...

Loved the lyrics.... thanku... the song has powerful meanings and lyrics!!! :)

frashegird said...

beautiful song and instrumentals...

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