Heer to Badi Sad Hai Lyrics Translation | Tamasha

Movie: Tamasha
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Mika, with Nakash Aziz
Music Label: T-Series

A totally fun song from a probably-never-before combination of Rahman and Mika, with Nakash Aziz doing some oye hoyes and aaye haayes. Btw, some of Mika's words are at times a little unclear in this one, so if you find anything wrong, please let us know. Thanks.

Heer to baDi sad, haye oye
aajkal very mad, haay ji

Heer is very sad,
these days she is very mad.

na khaati peeti, haaye oye
rona dhona mushkil, haaye ji
pyaar ki lau mein itni jal gayi
loo mein jaana mushkil hai
loo mein jaana mushkil hai

she doesn’t eat or drink,
and it’s difficult to cry for her..
she’s so burnt in the flame of love,
it’s tough to go to the loo even.

Heer ki haalat
kasam rab ki, kasam rab ki
kasam rab ki..
aajkal very bad hai ji
Heer to baDi sad hai ji
aajkal very mad hai ji
Heer to baDi sad hai ji

Heer’s situation is,
I swear to God,
I swear to God,
very bad these days..
Heer is very sad,
these days she’s very mad,
Heer is very sad..

ho.. ishq hai maachis
dil hai diesel
dono changey dooram door
kaanTe baanTe aag aag ko
sapne kar ke chooram choor ..
haay baji paDi band Heer ki
ab is band pe naache kaun
hui bolti band band si
kai dino se hai wo maun
log kahein ki sanki ho gayi

love is like a match box
and heart is diesel,
both are good when they are away from each other..
their fires cut and foil each other
and shatter the dreams..
Heer’s band is played,
now who will dance to this band’s tune,
she doesn’t seem to speak,
is silent for many days,
people say that she has gone eccentric.

haay ya wo utter mad hai aaye
Heer to baDi sad hai
Heer to baDi sad hai
aajkal very bad hai ji..

she’s utterly mad.
Heer is very sad.
Heer is very sad.
these days she’s very bad.

ho.. mann mridang baaje beDhang
uDaa hai rang bechare ka
look muk* upar pressure cooker
hua dimaag kunware ka ..
haay tel lagaane nayi zindagi
so so ke din kaaTe wo
waqt ke munh pe gussa karke
maarti rehti chaanTe wo
fiqr mein ab to uska dad hai

The percussion of the heart plays randomly,
the color is gone from the poor one’s face.
look up*, the brain of the unmarried one
has become like a pressure cooker..
life is gone to the dogs,
she sleeps and passes days,
she gets angry with the time
and keeps slapping it in the face.
now her dad is worried..

haay mom bhi baDi sad hai
Heer to very mad hai
aaj kal very bad hai oye
she is to, not glad hai

her mom is very sad too..
Heer is very mad,
these days she’s very bad..
she’s not glad.

na khaati peeti
rona dhona mushkil
pyar ki lau mein itni jal gayi..
lau bachaana mushkil hai
lau bachaana mushkil hai

Heer ki haalat
kasam rab ki
kasam rab ki
kasam rab ki..
aajkal very bad hai ji oye
Heer to baDi sad hai ji
aaj kal very mad hai oye
Heer to baDi sad hai ji

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venkat said...

Here denote her name ?

venkat said...

Here heer denotes heroine name?

Neha said...

I thought it was 'Rome jaana mushkil' - given that they're in Europe that might be more relevant?
Might be wrong because like you say, it's quite difficult to ascertain as to what Mika is actually saying!

milan said...

Is that " loo mein jaana mushkil hai" or "rooh mein jaana mushkil hai". I think it is rooh which means "deep inside".

Aavaaraa said...

Everything is alright but there is just one correction.
Its not 'loo mein jana mushkil hai'


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