Safarnama Lyrics Translation | Tamasha (Lucky Ali)

Movie: Tamasha
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Lucky Ali
Music Label: T-Series

Ho.. safarnaama..
sawaalon ka safarnaama
shuru tumse, khatam tumpe

O, this travelogue,
travel narrative of questions,
begins from you, ends at you,
this travelogue..

wo jise DhoonDha zamaane mein
mujhi mein tha
wo mere saare jawaabon ka
meri ore se uTha teri ore ko kadam pehla
milenge hum..

that, for which I searched through the world,
that was in me only..
that, the travel narrative of
all my answers..
from my side, the first step is taken towards you,
we shall meet..


khayaalon ka, safarnaama..
andhere mein ujaalon ka
ho, samay aisa
purana bhi, naya bhi hai
ho, mohabbat ki
misaalon ka, safarnaama..

of thoughts,
of lights in darkness.
time such that is old,
and new too.
a travelogue
of the examples of love..

meri ore se uTha teri ore ko kadam pehla
milenge hum..
pehla milenge hum..

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Anonymous said...

What a song... treat to the ears...
Amaaazin Job by lucky Ali and rahman sir...

Unknown said...

Love this song still in 2018

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