Pyaar Kiya to Nibhana Lyrics Translation | Armaan, Shruti

Song: Kehta Hai Pal Pal
Music: Anand Raj Anand, Gourov-Roshin
Lyrics: Anand Raj Anand, Kumaar
Singers: Armaan Malik, Shruti Pathak
Music Label: T-Series

kehta hai pal pal tumse
hoke dil ye deewana
ek pal bhi jaan-e-jaana
mujhse door nahi jaana

my heart goes crazy
and tells you every moment,
even for a moment, my beloved,
don't go away from me.

pyaar kiya to nibhana
pyaar kiya to nibhana

now that you have loved me,
carry through.
(i.e., be there with me and love me always.)

aankhon mein meri
tera hi chehra dhaRakta rahe
haan tu jo naa mile
seene mein dil ye taRapta rahe

in my eyes,
just your face keeps beating (like a heartbeat)
if I don't see you,
my heart keeps getting tortured in the chest.

tu mujhe naa sataana,
mera dil naa dukhaana.

don't torment me,
don't give pain to my heart.

pyaar kiya to nibhaana
pyaar kiya to nibhaana

main jahaan rahoon
tere hi paas wo jagah hai kaheen
matlab jeene ka
teri hi saanson mein chhupa hai kaheen

where I live,
that place is somewhere near you only.
the meaning of life
is hidden somewhere in your breaths only.

main tere pass aaya
saara chhoR ke zamaana

I have come to you,
leaving this whole world.

pyaar kiya to nibhaana
pyaar kiya to nibhaana

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