O Bhai Re Dil Hai ki Gehri Khai Re Lyrics Translation | Andhadhun

Movie: Andhadhun [Meaning]
Music: Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Jaideep Sahni
Singer: Shadab Faridi, Altamash Faridi
Label: Zee Music Company

dil jigar kya cheez hai
do kidney a-one piece hai
dushmani to muft hai
bas dosti ki fees hai
dosti ki fees hai...

what's heart and liver,
two working kidneys are just perfect.
enmity is free,
it's friendship that has a fee.

oh bhai re...
dil hai ki gehri khaai re

O brother,
is it the heart, or some deep gorge!

naina bharam ki kamaate hain
kambakht dil ko khilaate hain
dil ka bhi dil kahaan bharta hai
dekhe bina hi jaa marta hai

these eyes are valued for creating an illusion,
and they feed the heart (these illusions).
and the heart is never fulfilled,
it doesn't even look twice before falling (for someone).

ek mile to aDhaai re
bande se pyaasi parchhaai re

If it gets one, it wants two,
more than the person, its shadow is thirsty.

oh bhai re
dil hai ki gehri khaayi re.

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