Zindagi Tu Hi Bata (Mirch) Lyrics, Translation

Zindagi zindagi tu bata
mujhe nahin hai jo pata
Zindagi zindagi tu bata
hai kaunsa wo raasta,
jaata jo wahan hai
mujhe jaana jahan hai
tu bata
hai kaun sa wo raasta..

Life, o life, tell me
what I do not know,
life o life tell me,
which way is that,
that goes
where I have to go,
tell me,
what path is that..

mujhe le ke jaaye jo us nagar
jahan jaise chahun main reh sakun,
jahan dil ki baatein main sun sakun,
jahan dil ki baatein main keh sakun,
jahan apni sharton pe main jiyoon
mujhe us nagar hai jaana tu bata..
hai kaun sa wo raasta..

that which takes me to that city,
where I can live as I wish,
where I can listen to my heart,
where I can talk my heart out,
where I live by my own rules,
I have to go to that city, tell me,
which path that is..

jahan ab kahin main har ek baat kar loon,
jahan phir main khud se mulaqat kar loon,
jahan zindagi main tere geet gaaun,
jahan khwaab dekhoon to na chhupaun,
mujhe bata, hai kaunsa, wo raasta

where I can talk everything now,
where I meet myself again,
where life, I sing your songs,
where if I dream of something, I don't hide it,
tell me, which path is that..

tumhe gar hai jaana, ek aise nagar ho
jahan sapna dekho, to sapna sach ho
jo tum chalte jaao, to rasta yahi hai
magar yaad rakhna, rukna nahi hai
ki tum hi to banaoge wo raasta..

If you have to go to such a city,
where if you see a dream, it comes true,
if you keep walking, this only is the path,
but remember you don't have to stop,
(and) you only will make that path...

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