Bojhal se (I am): Lyrics, Translation

Bojhal se lamhon ki shaam hai
khali si in aankhon mein
gum hui jo roshni si thi in aankhon mein

there is an evening of heavy moments,
in these empty eyes,
a light that was lost in these eyes..

parinde maayoosi ke chhat pe roz aate hain,
roz aate hain
samandar ye udasi ke hain
dil ko bhigo jaate hain
bhigo jaate hain
toote hain jo khwab rehte the in aankhon mein

birds of despair come on the roof everyday,
come everyday,
these oceans of sadness,
soak the heart,
they are broken, the dreams that lived in these eyes..

bina jaane jabeen pe ye lakeeren ban jaati hain,
ban jaati hain
bina poochhe dher saari yaadein, jab aati hain,
jab aati hain
khaak sa dhuan sa rehta hai, in aankhon mein

without knowing these lines are come on forehead,
they just come..
without asking when so many memories come back,
when they come,
like some dirt, a smoke, is there in the eyes..


Rahil said...

Can you get the translation for Bangur Jaise Duniya.

Cain said...

That would be 'jabeen', meaning forehead. KK's pronunciation is always ridiculously impeccable. Just sayin'. ;)

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