Awari/ Awaari Lyrics Translation | EK Villain

Movie: Ek Villain
Music and Lyrics: Rabbi Ahmed, Adnan Dhool
Singers: Adnan Dhool, Momina Mustehsan
Music Label: T-Series

Teri baahon mein jo sakoon tha mila
Maine dhoondha bahut tha
Phir na milaa...

The peace that I found in your arms,
I had looked for (that peace) a lot.
But I couldn't find it again.

Duniya chhoona chaahe mujh ko yoon
Jaise un ki saari ki saari main
Duniya dekhe roop mera
Koi na jaane bechaari main

The world wants to touch me
as if I am all theirs..
The world looks at my beauty
(but) no one knows how wretched I am..

Haaye, tooti saari ki saari main
Tere ishq mein hoi Awaari main

I am completely broken,
I have become homeless in your love..

Koi shaam bulaaye
Koi daam lagaaye
Main bhi upar se hansti
Par andar se haaye..

Someone calls me for the evenings,
Someone sets a price for me..
I, too, smile at the surface,
but inside, alas, (I am so sad).

Kyun dard chupaaye baithi hai,
Kyun tu mujh se kehti hai
Main to khud hi bikhra hua.
Haaye andar andar se toota main
Tere ishq mein khud hi se rootha main

Why do you hide you pain inside,
Why do you say to me,
I am all shredded inside,
I've broken from inside.
In your love, I've become angry with myself.

Main jee bhar ke ro loon
Teri baahon mein so loon
Aa phir se mujhe mil
Main tujh se ye boloon
Tu anmol thi
Pal pal bolti thi
Aisi chup tu laga ke gayi
Saari khushiyaan kha ke gayi

I'd cry as much as I wish,
I'd sleep in your arms,
Come, meet me again,
I'd tell you the same thing again.
You were priceless,
and used to speak all the time,
now you have gone creating such a silence,
having ended all the happiness.

Haaye, andar andar se toota main
Tere ishq mein khud hi se rootha main

Haaye, teri hoon saari ki saari main
tere liye na saari main


Bhavik Jain said...

dosnt it seem like that songs is telling the pain of a prostitute?

Anonymous said...

Yup. So sad. Yet so repulsive :-(

Anonymous said...

In the last line, it's "bazaari".

Anonymous said...

yup ..n all those wreched girls used on the name of love. ..sick...!!!

Anonymous said...

The lady in this song is a harlot. They're at some 'strip club' place.

Mystal said...

In the movie perhaps you would associate the song with a dancer, however is this not what society teaches us today, we sell ourselves and our souls to achieve our place in life? It's really easy to just place it to the video however all great music is poetry and the words can be used in a variety of contexts

Ambika Chilveri said...

The song nt only evokes the feelings of a prostitute Bt every girl who is used n then left unanswered...alas

Unknown said...

Not really. Becauzs she's dancing as she finds no love at home. It's a relationship with no love, all they find is pain now but they can't leave each other.

Unknown said...

we are all prostitutes. we just sell different parts of ourselves

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