Banjaara/ Banjara Meaning

Banjaara or Banjara [Hindi:बंजारा] is a Hindi word which is used for a kind of nomadic people, who roam around living here and there, with no permanent house.

Banjara used to be a tribe or group of tribes, but slowly the word has become with nomads in general as there is no general word in Hindi for people with a nomadic lifestyle. Banjaara, the word, probably came from the word Banjar, which is Hindi for barren, waste land, and the fact that these banjaras were people who could not cultivate because of being in desert areas.

The word in poetry is also used for people who don't know where to go and think of themselves as homeless.

For the Entire Lyrics' Translation of the song Banjaara from Ek Villain, CLICK HERE.


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