Tera Buzz Mujhe Jeene Na de Lyrics Translation | Aastha Gill, Badshah

Single: Buzz
Music: Badshah
Lyrics: Badshah
Singer: Aastha Gill, Badshah
Label: Sony Music India

tujhse man nahi hai bharta...
tera buzz mujhe jeene na de, jeene na de

I never get satiated of you,
your buzz doesn't let me live.

tujhse man nahi hai bharta
ab tu hi hai karta dharta
aur tu paani tak peene na de, peene na de...

I never get satiated of you,
now you are my everything,
and you don't even let me have water peacefully.

tera buzz mujhe jeene na de, jeene na de

trippy hain aankhein teri
ghunghraale baal hain
chalta jaise sab uske
baapu ka maal hai

your eyes are trippy,
and curly hair.
you walk like you own everything.

[sab baap ka maal hai, literally, everything is owned by one's father, is an idiom that signifies that one is very arrogant.]

oye jab kamar pakaR ke kheenche
haaye daiya pairon ke neeche
mere rehne tu zameenein na de, -meenein na de

and when you pull me from the waist,
you don't let there be earth
below my feet.

[proverbial usage again. It's almost a mixture of two idioms/proverbs, and means that one is shocked/surprised and also extremely happy.]

rehne de, rehne de

Oh, let it be, let it be.

tera buzz mujhe jeene na de
jeene na de

okay, okay, okay, hai maana tu hai sick
jahaan se hona chaahiye waheen se hai tu thick
naa nazron mein aa naa mujhko tu dikh
main toRoonga dil tera, le kahin tu likh

Okay, I got that you're sick (probably means 'too good' here.)
you're thick exactly where you should be.
don't come in front of my eyes, don't be seen,
(or else) I'll break your heart, write that somewhere.

baby kisi se bhi poochh, launDa too much hai
boli mein thoRa haryaaNvi touch hai
jitne bhi rumour suNe tune apni saheliyon se
mere baare mein wo saare sach hain

baby ask anyone, this guy is too much for you (talking about himself)
there is a bit of Haryanvi touch in the speech.
all the rumors you heard from your friends
about me, they are all true.

baby main hoon wo, jiske baare mein
chetaavani deti hogi tujhe teri maa
B-A-D-shah naam badal diyo mera
baby jo naa kara di teri naa

baby I'm the one, about whom
your mother might have warned you.
change my name, B-A-D-shah,
if I don't change your no (into a yes).

sab mujhko dekhein maine
dekha tujhko bas hai
sab dhundhla dhundhla laage
tujhpe hi focus hai
sab dhundhla dhundhla laage
tujhpe hai focus...

everyone looks at me,
but I just saw you.
everything seems hazy,
the focus is on you alone.

naa dikhla tu itni tezi
karke baatein lazy lazy
mujhko khayaal kameene naa de, -meene na de...

don't be in such a hurry,
don't talk lazy things
and give me mean thoughts...

tera buzz mujhe jeene na de, jeene na de..

aastha gill!
it’s the boy badshah!

tera buzz mujhe jeene na de, jeene na de...

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Badshah raps is not good astha's voice is good

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