Tab Tak Mere Naam Tu Lyrics Translation | Zero

Movie: Zero (2018)
Music: Ajay-Atul
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Abhay Jodhapurkar
Music Label: T-Series

The first song from Zero, an Ajay-Atul composition and arrangement with Irshad Kamil's words, is a beautiful, melodious track. The song seems to have a touch of some earlier song of Ajay-Atul, but is nonetheless lovely, and boasts of a beautiful interlude. The song is sung by a newcomer to the Hindi film industry, Abhay Jodhapurkar, who has earlier sung songs in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Marathi.

wo rang bhi kya rang hai
milta na jo tere honTh ke rang se hoobahu
wo khushboo kya khushboo
Thehre na jo teri saanwli zulf ke roobaru

what a color is that color,
which is not an exact match for your lips.
what is a fragrance useful for,
that doesn't compare with that of your dark hair...

tere aage ye duniya hai pheeki si
mere bin tu na hogi kisi ki bhi
ab ye zaahir sare-aam hai, ailaan hai

this world is a little pale compared to you,
you won't belong to anyone else but me.
now it's clear to all, it's an announcement.

jab tak jahaan me subah shaam hai
tab tak mere naam tu
jab tak jahaan mein mera naam hai
tab tak mere naam tu

as long as there are mornings and evenings,
you are mine.
as long as my name is there in the world,
you are mine.

uljhan bhi hoon teri
uljhan ka hal bhi hoon main
thoRa sa ziddi hoon
thoRa paagal bhi hoon main

I'm a problem for you,
and the solution to the problem too.
I'm a little stubborn,
and a little crazy too.

barkha bijlee, baadal, jhooThe
jhooThi phoolon ki saugaatein
sachchi tu hai, sachcha main hoon
sachchi apne dil ki baatein

these rains, lightnings, clouds, are all lies,
and so are the gifts of flowers.
you're true, and I'm true,
and true is what's in our hearts.

daskhat haathon se haathon pe karde tu
na kar aankhon pe palkon ke parde tu
kya ye itna baRaa kaam hai, ailaan hai...

sign your name on my hands with your hands.
don't hide your eyes with your eyelids.
is it such a big thing, such a big announcement?

[daskhat is a shorter version of dastakhat here. When the word dastakhat (signature) is spoken in daily use, it often becomes 'daskhat' as we have a tendency to say long words quickly.]

jab tak jahaan me subah shaam hai
tab tak mere naam tu
jab tak jahaan mein mera naam hai
tab tak mere naam tu

mere hi ghere mein ghoomegi har pal tu aise
sooraj ke ghere mein rahti hai dharti jaise
paayegi tu khud ko na mujhse judaa
tu hai mera aadha sa hissa sadaa

you'll circle in my orbit every moment
just the way the earth is in the sun's orbit.
you'll not find me away from you.
you are always my half part.

tukRe kar chaahe khwaabon ke tu mere
TooTenge bhi to rehne hain wo tere
tujhko bhi to ye ilhaam hai, ailaan hai

even if you shatter my dreams into pieces,
even broken, they're going to remain yours only.
you know this, too. it's my announcement.

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