Aarakshan Trailer: Dialogs' Translation/ Meaning

Ye shining India hai, yahan oonchi shiksha ki liye oonche log koi bhi oonchi keemat dene ko tayar hain..

This is shining India. Higher people are ready to pay any high price for higher education here..

is loktantra mein sabko samaan adhikaar hai, hum merit mein vishwas rakhte hain, aarakshan mein nahi.

In this democracy, everyone has got equal rights, we believe in merit, not in reservations.

aap lagatar STM ke anushasan ko tod (rahe hain)...

you are continously breaking the discipline of STM (the college)..

sir bahar saara samaj ek aitihasik uthal puthal se koojh raha hai aur aap bas soch rahe hain anushasan!

Sir outside the entire society is dealing with a historical up-down and you're thinking of just discipline!

is tarah baat nahi karenge aap mujhse...

You'll not talk to me like that...

aapke vice principal, khulle aam kk coaching classes chalate hain, laakhon kamate hain, magar unko saat khoon maaf* hain, aakhir unki pehchan humse alag hai

Your Vice Principal openly runs KK Coaching Classes, earns lacs, but for him it's all allowed*.. after all his identity is different from ours.

kya aap mujh par jaativaad ka aarop laga rahe hain?

Are you accusing me of casteism?

tum samajhte kya ho apne aap ko? How dare you talk to my father like that?

What do you think of yourself?

saat dinon ke bheetar aap batayen ki aap ko suspend kyun na kiya jaaye. saat dinon ke bheetar, jawab chahiye mujhe.

You tell within seven days why you should not be suspended. Within seven days, I need the answer.

jawab to aapko pakka milega, Dr Prabhakar Anand sir.

You'll definitely get the answer, Dr Prabhakar Anand, Sir.

aapke liye aapke siddhant hi sab kuch hain, kabhi socha hai ki aapka parivaar kis tarah jee raha hai..

For you only your principles are eveything. Have you ever thought how your family is living?

sir aap bhi unhi logon ka sath de rahe hain, jo hamari life se khel rahe hain

Sir you too are supporting those people who are playing with our lives.

aap the zero, hain zero, aur aap hamesha rahenge, zero.

You were zero, are zero, and you will always remain, Zero.

agar aap aarakshan ke saath nahi hain, to aap iske khilaaf hain.

If you are not with reservation, you're against it.

hamare bachche din raat ragad-ragad ke padhte rahein, aur jab admission ka mauka aaye to khairat loot leejiye aap log. dar lagta hai na mehnat karne se.

Our children study day and night, and when it comes to admissions, you loot the charity. (you are) afraid of working hard.

achcha, humein mehnat ka paath padha rahe hain aap.. aapke khet jote humne, aapke faslein kaati humne, aapke maveshi charaye humne, aapke joote siye, bail haanke, naav chalaye, aapke gharon ki gandi naaliyon ki safai kiye, yahan tak ki aapki tatti bhi sar par dhoyi hai humne, humein mehnat sikhayenge aap!

well, you're teaching us the lesson of hardwork.. WE ploughed your fields, WE harvested your crops, WE grazed your cattle, sewed your shoes, drove (your) bullocks, sailed (your) boats, we cleaned the dirty drains of your homes, we have even carried your shit over our heads, you'll teach us hardwork!

is desh mein do bharat baste hain..

In this country, two Indias live..

* For meaning of the phrase 'Saat Khoon Maaf' check This Post.

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Ganesh D said...

Hey, really an unusual and nice pick on bollymeaning! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

also, the words in red on the wall in hindi are:
"aarakshan humara janamsitr-adkhiaar hai" which means "reservation is our birthright"

i think.

Mansi said...

This is really awesome👌👍

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