Der Lagi Lekin: Lyrics, Translation (ZNMD)

Movie: Zindagi na Milegi Dobara
Composer: Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Singer: Shankar Mahadevan

Der lagi lekin maine ab hai jeena seekh liya
Jaise bhi ho'n din maine ab hai jeena seekh liya
Ab maine ye jaana hai, khushi hai kya, gham kya..
Dono hi, do pal ki hai ruttein
Na yeh thehre na rukein
Zindagi do rangon se bane
Ab roothe, ab mane
Yehi toh hai, yehi toh hai, yahaan

It took time, but I learnt to live,
however be the days, I have learnt to live,
now I have known this, what's happiness and what's sorrow
both are weathers of two moments
neither they wait nor stay
life gets made of two colors,
now angry, now placated,
this, this is here..

Der lagi lekin maine ab hai jeena seekh liya
Aansuon ke bin maine ab hai jeena seekh liya
Ab maine, Yeh jaana hai kise kahoon apna
Hai koi, jo yeh mujh se keh gaya
Yeh kahaan tu reh gaya
Zindagi toh hai jaise kaarvan
Tu hai tanha kab yahaan
Sabhi toh hai, sabhi toh hai yahaan

It took time, but I learnt to live,
Without tears, I have learnt to live
Now I have known whom to call mine
there is someone, who has told me
where have you been left,
life is like a convoy,
when are you alone here (you never are)
everything, everything is here..

Koi sunaaye jo hansti muskurati kahani
Kehta hai dil, main bhi sunoon,
Aansoo mein moti ho jo kisi ke nishani
Kehta hai dil, main bhi chunoon
Baahein dil ki ho baahon mein hi, chalta
chalun yunhi raahon mein
Bus yunhi, ab yahaan, ab wahaan

when someone tells a happy, cheerful story,
my heart says, I'd listen too,
If there are pearls in tears, someone's souvenir,
my heart says, I'd pick too..
I should be embracing my love only,
I should be walking just like that in the paths,
just like that.. now here, now there...


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