Khurraat meaning

'Khurraat' means a shrewd, cunning person, generally someone who has learnt to be cunning through experience, but the word is not used very respectfully, though it's not really very negative either.

The word is added on a request about Salman Khan's dialog in ready where he asks for a 'Khurrat, Kamini aur honhaar' girl for himself. Here, the other two words mean 'mean' and 'promising' as in someone who is likely to progress further (in these departments).


Anonymous said...

Oh! Thank you so much. Now it makes sense. Asin's character, Sanjana, was kind of cunning... In a (good) way. =]

Shobana said...

Very nice. Thank you.

salimbhai said...

I too need same khurrat,kamini, aur honahar ladki

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