Right by Your side (Ra.One): Hindi Lyrics' Translation

Movie: Ra.One
Music: Vishal-Shekhar
Lyrics: Anvita Dutt Guptan
Singer: Siddharth Coutto

Joh khushi pe ghiren hon gham..
Ghadi bhar ke liye na kho hausla

if there are sorrows over the happiness
don't lose heart for a moment..

Sang sang
Tu aur main Main aur tu
Aur hum
Ho agar Jo safar mein to dar hai kya

you n me, me n you,
and if we are there,
(together) in the journey, what's there to fear..

Pairon pe yoon
Par se laga ke
Gairon se door
Ud jayenge main aur tu

putting like wings on our legs
you and me with fly away from strangers..

Khushi ke sang chale
Khuli ho raah to jahaan bhi hum milein manzil ho shuru..

let's go with joy..
if the path is open, destination is where we meet..

Sapne tere
Kahin chhupe chhupe se ho..
Raahon mein jo kadam ruke ruke se ho..
Khwahishon ko main chutkiyon mein asal bana dunga
Taaron se aage aasmaanon pe phir sajaa dunga

your dreams
which be hidden somewhere,
steps which be stopped somewhere on the way,
I'll make (those) wishes come true in moments
I'll decorate (them) on the skies ahead of stars..

Maine zindagi Mein saari
Jo bhi ghum Hain sambhaale
Teri hassi pe Nazar kar doon..

whatever sorrows I have seen in life
I'll sacrifice on your smile..

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