Wo Kagaz ki kashti, wo barish ka pani: Lyrics, Translation

Jagjit Singh's Wo Kagaz ki Kashti, with English Translation

And just for a clarification, this one is not a Ghazal. :)

Yeh Daulat Bhi Le Lo,
Yeh Shohrat Bhi Le Lo,
Bhale Chheen Lo Mujhse Se Meri Jawani,
Magar Mujhko Lauta Do bachpan Ka Sawan..
Wo Kagaz Ki Kashti, wo Baarish Ka Paani..

Take this money,
take this fame as well,
snatch my youth from me if you so wish,
but return me those rains of childhood,
that paper boat, that rain-water..

Muhalle Ki Sabse Purani Nishani,
Wo Budhia Jise Bachche Kehte The Naani,
Wo Naani Ki Baaton Me Parion Ka Dera,
Wo Chehre Ki Jhurrion Me Sadiyon Ka pehra,
Bhulaye Nahin Bhul Sakta Hai Koi,
Bhulaye Nahin Bhool Sakta Hai Koi,
Wo Chhoti Si Raaten, Wo Lambi Kahani

the oldest sign of area,
that old lady children used to call naani (maternal grandma)
that camp of fairies in the granny's talks,
that guard of ages in the wrinkles of face,
no one can forget even on trying,
those small nights, that long story...

Kadi Dhoop Me Apne Ghar Se Nikalna,
Wo Chidia Wo Bulbul Wo Titli Pakadna ,
Wo Gudia Ki Shaadi Pe Ladna jhagadna,
Wo Jhoolon Se Girna Wo Gir Ke Sambhalna,
Wo Peetal Ke Chhalon Ke Pyare Se Tohfe,
Wo Tooti Hui Choodion Ki Nishani
Wo Kagaz Ki Kashti Wo Baarish Ka Paani,

going out of house in strong sun,
that catching birds, nightingales and butterflies,
that fighting on dolls' weddings,
that falling from swings, and be on your feet again,
those lovely gifts of brass rings,
those souvenirs of broken bangles..
that paper boat, that rain-water..

Kabhi Ret Ke Oonche teeloN Pe Jana
Gharonde Banana, Bana ke Mitana
Wo Masoom Chahat Ki Tasveer Apni
Wo KhwaboN KhilaunoN Ki Jaageer Apni
Na Duniya Ka Gam Tha Na RishtoN Ke Bandhan
Badi Khoobsurat Thi Wo Zindagani..

sometimes going on the high sand-hills,
making sand castles and destroying them,
that innocent face of love,
that estate of dreams and toys,
neither there was the sorrow of world, nor the bonds of relationships,
that life was so beautiful..


Unknown said...

Thanks for the translation. I wonder why so few translations of hindi/Urdu ghazals/songs exist on the internet.

wishy. said...

thank you soooo much for the translation.. i'm only half desi and i've been bothering my dad for a translation, but all he said was that it was a nostalgic song speaking of the rain. i had no idea a song i've known since my childhood was so poetic. bookmarked :)

Moyeen said...

Thanks from the core of my heart for the translation. I am from Bangladesh, with less knowledge on hindi language. This was one of my favorite song, but I had no idea of the beauty of this song.

Unknown said...

my lover my killer

Take this money,
take this fame as well,
snatch my youth from me if you so wish,
but return me those rains of childhood,
moods 0092-3465054450

Unknown said...

Here Pehra means a quick browse.(In the song context, 'sadion ka pehra' indirect meaning the wrinkes have seen ages' or the wrinkles of experience..something like that..but definitely not talking about Guard or security here. This will be more clear when you hear Jagjit singh pronouncing that word...The word should be written as 'Phera' rather than 'pehra'..

Appreciate this effort...Thankyou Bolly...

Sofie M. said...

Lovely song. I could never get the words "Woh peetal ke chhalo ke pyare se tohfe" ill i went across these lyrics and translation. Thanks. Agree with Mans Pathan. Its not "guard" pehra... Its sadiyon ka phera meaning "revolution of times" hinting at the cycle of experience that comes with age, seen in her wrinkles.

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