Rockstar Dialogs during Sadda Haq, English Translation

Pata hai bahut saal pehle yahan ek jungle hota tha. ghana bhayanak jungle. Phir yahan ek shaher ban gaya, saaf suthre makan, seedhe raaste, sab kuch saleeke se hone laga. Par jis din jungle kata, us din parindo ka ek jhund yahan se hamesha ke liye ud gaya.. kabhi nahi lauta. main un parindo ko dhoond raha hoon, kisi ne dekha hai unhe? dekha hai??

English Translation:

You know, many years who, there used to be a forest. A dense, terrifying forest. Then a city was built here, clean houses, straight roads, everything began to happen in order. But the day the forest was cut, that day a flock of birds flew away from here forever.. never to come back. I am looking for those birds, has anyone seen them? Has anyone??

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