Satyameva Jayate Title song: Lyrics, Translation

Here are the lyrics of the title song for Star Plus' Satyameva Jayate, written by Prasoon Joshi and composed by Ram Sampath.

Tera rangg aisa chadh gayaa
Koi aur rang na chadh sake
Tera naam seeney pe likha
Har koi aake padh sakey

Hai junoon hai junoon hai
Tere ishq ka ye junoon hai
Rag rag mein ishq tera daudtaa
Yeh baawra sa khoon hai
Tune hi sikhaya sachaion ka matlab
Tere paas aake jaana maine zindagi ka maksad
Satyamev, satyamev, satyamev jayate
Sachcha hai pyaar tera, satyamev jayate

Your color is on me now,
no other color can be there over it,
your name is written on my chest,
everyone can come and read..

It's a passion, a passion,
the passion of your love it is,
In my veins your love runs,
it's this mad blood..
You only taught the meaning of truths,
Coming to you only did I learn life's motive..
Truth alone, truth alone, truth alone triumphs,
your love is true, truth alone triumphs..

Tere noor ke dastoor mein
Na ho salwatein na shikan rahe
Meri koshishen toh hai bas yahee
Rahein khushbuein gulshan rahe
Teri zulf suljhaney chala
Terey aur paas aaney chala
Jahan koi sur na ho besura
Woh geet main ganey chala

In the custom of your divine light/divinity,
nor there be any creases, nor wrinkles,
My try is only this that-
these fragrances remain, this garden remains..
I began to untangle your hair,
began to come closer to you..
Where no note is out of tune,
I began to sing that song..

Tera rang aisa chadh gaya
Tha nasha jo aur bhi badh gaya
Teri barishon ka karam hai ye
Main nikhar Gaya main sanwar gaya

Jaisa bhi hoon apnaa mujhey
Mujhey ye nahin hain bolna
Kabil tere main ban sakoo
Mujhey dwaar aisa kholna
Sanson ki is raftaar ko
Dhadkan ke is tyohaar ko
Har jeet ko har haar ko
Khud apney is sansaar ko
Badloonga main tere liye

Your color came on me such,
that the intoxication increased,
it's the kindness of your rains,
that I got cleaned/nurtured, I became better..

However I may be, accept me-
I don't have to say that.
I can be good enough for you,
I have open such a door..
This speed of breaths,
This festival of heartbeats,
This victory, this loss,
This world of my own self,
I'll change (it all) for you...

Mujhey khud ko bhi hai tatolna
Kahin hai kami to hai bolna
Khahin daag hain toh chhupayen kyon
Hum sach se nazrein hatayen kyon

khud ko badalna hai agar
Badloonga main tere liye
Sholon pe chalna hai agar
Chal doonga main tere liye
Mere khoon ki har boond mein
Sankalp ho tere pyaar ka
Kaato mujhey to tu bahe
Ho surkh rang har dhaar ka

I have to search myself too,
If there is something missing, I have to speak out,
If there are blots, why should we hide them,
Why should we remove our eyes from the truth,

If I have to change myself,
I will change, for you..
If I have to walk on fire,
I'll walk, for you..
In every drop of my blood,
There should be a promise of your love,
When I'm given a cut, you should flow out,
And the color of every stream be red..

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Anonymous said...

good work guys....keep it up....

jk said...

Very Nice lyrics... wats wid Prasoon.. seems to write astounding lyrics

bhairoba said...

super song..mera bharat mahan...
amirji ne phir ek kranti karne ja rahe hai... all d best..
amirji tum aage bado hum(indians) tumhare saath hai...
Bhairav from belgaum(karnataka)

rakhee said...

superb song..

Bharat gehlot said...

wah kya baat hai "Amir Khan Sahab" hum aapke saath hai mujze to lagta tha ki shayad ab is desh ka kya pata kya hoga lekin aaj aisa lagta hai ki ab kuch hoga.
Aur aap jaise mahan log jab tak hai tab tak to shayad hum Indian's safe hai.
Really you are "ENDLESS ARTIST"

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