Jhalla Wallah: Lyrics, Translation (Ishaqzaade)

Movie: Ishaqzaade
Music: Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Kausar Munir
Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
Label: Sony Music

Jis ka aana jigar pe lagaaye chot
Jis ke jaane se bomb phate, atom bomb,
ho jaaye bisphot
Aashiqon ki hai shamat, ya aafat hai
Chaand baby hai aayi, qayamat hai..

Whose coming makes an impact on heart*
with whose name a bomb goes off, atom bomb,
and there is an explosion..
There is a problem for lovers, or a trouble..
Chaand baby (moon girl) has come, it's (like an) apocalypse..

Aashiqon mein jis ka title Titanic
O aashiqon main jis ka title Titanic
Mua kinara dikha kar ke duba de gaya
Jhalla, mera aashiq jhalla wallah
Mera balma jhalla wallah
Mera jhalla wallah wallah

the one whose title is titanic among lovers,
the damned guy showed the edge and drowned (me)..
mad, my lover is mad,
my beloved is mad, o god,
o god, o god, my mad (lover)..

Humne samjha tha golden jubilee jise
Haye samjha tha golden jubilee jise
Woh to matinee dekha kar ke chumma le gaya

I thought of whom as a golden jubilee (film)
He just showed the matinee show and kissed (on the cheek)

Jhalla mera aashiq jhalla wallah
Mera balma jhalla wallah
Mera jhalla wallah wallah

Mehfil sajjano ki.. gentlllle-man'o ki..
Mehfil sajjano ki gentleman'o ki hai..
Beuda koi ho jaaye to aaye maza
Nazron se peene mein kya gunah hai
Bakhuda kaise peete ho rooh afshan
Jiss lover ki khabar paperon mein hai
Dil ki breaking news uss ko sunaaye koi
Kaise nazar ki kamar ka ratta lage
Iss ko meri geometry dikhaaye koi

A gathering of good people, of gentlemen,
It's a gathering of the good, gentlemen,
If someone goes drunk then there will be fun,
what's wrong in drinking with eyes,
how else do you drink rooh afshan (Rooh Afza is a popular rose-flavored drink)
The lover whose story is there is newspapers,
Someone tell him the breaking news pf (my) heart..
How to memorize the waist size of eyes,
Someone show him my geometry too..

Jhalla mera aashiq jhalla wallah
Mera balma jhalla wallah
Mera jhalla wallah wallah

Kya bataayein jis ko sanam maan kar shab bhar mare
Haye jis ko sanam maan kar shab bhar mare
Woh kameena subah hote phurr ho gaya
Jis ko mohabbat ka teacher kehte rahe
Woh phateecher ik lessun mein phail ho gaya
Kaske jean-pant gentleman jo bane
Raat bhar paijame se ladta raha
Hum jagaate rahe, dil jalate rahe
Woh jamai rajaai mein lagata raha

What to tell, thinking of him as beloved, I fell for whom all night..
yeah, thinking of him as a beloved, I fell for whom all night,
he flew away as soon as it was morning..
the one I kept calling the teacher of love,
that useless guy failed in a lesson..
one who used to look a gentleman with a tight jeans-pant,
he kept fighting his pyjamas all night..
I kept waking him, kept burning my heart,
he kept on sleeping under the covers..

Jhalla mera aashiq jhalla wallah
Mera balma jhalla wallah
Mera jhalla wallah wallah
Jhalla wallah wallah wallah

Mera hero mera aashiq mera majnoo mera sayiaan
Mera balma wallah haye, mera jhallah wallah haye haye
Hero aashiq jhalla wallah, saiyaan balma jhalla wallah
Jhalla jhalla jhalla wallah

my hero, my lover, my lover, my beloved,
my lover oh god, my mad (idiotic sense) lover,
hero-lover-idiot-oh-god, beloved-lover-idiot-oh-god..

For the detailed meaning of Jhalla, see THIS POST.


anusha_anshu said...

You are really great man..doing a fantabulous job ! Heartful thanks to you harish gupta..Love this site very much

Valentina Bettarelli said...

Thank you so much !
really useful :)

Prashant Singh said...

Much as i love the site . I must say that every poet must commit suicide after reading the translation here . But keep entertaining us

Harshit Gupta said...


The truth is, I know what I am doing. But as a matter of fact, this is not really for poetry, but for those who are not able to get the words themselves. I know when I give the meanings and translations word for word, even almost, the poetry dies. But then if I don't, those who it is actually written for, don't get the benefit. So just letting it be. Killing the poetry, but giving out some limited knowledge.

Mitesh Sawant said...

Great job! Thank you, was looking for it!

Although, isn't it -

"Jis ka 'na' jigar pe lagaaye chot..."

As in, when he says "no" it makes an impact on heart.

varnika said...

Well done! This song is like one of my favourites...

Surya Nair said...

Great job Harshit..
By the way, I think it's not "Jis ka naam jigar pe lagaaye chot".. It's "Jis ka aana jigar pe lagaaye chot.. Jis ke jaane se bomb phate.."


Harshit Gupta said...


Thanks. Missed this while writing. As of now I need not even check. I know you're right. :)

Akhil. said...

This is a perfect example of "lost in transalation" ... I suggest concentrate on the poetic essence of the meaning rather than a perfectly literal translation.

Anonymous said...

*Kaise nazar "SE" kamar ka ratta lage

Ummmm Scribbles Scribbles said...

hello, great job with the translations. it added to this experience of Jalla Walla " for me..
although it says Kaise nazar ki kamar ka ratta lage

its actualls Kaise nazar SE kamar ka ratta lage

Monica Gurnani said...

I guess the literal translation for Jhalla should be a 'waste' :D :D

Anonymous said...

Really nice song and i luv it and i luv the lyrix too

Anonymous said...

Awesome song

Anonymous said...

Love you from here also

Anonymous said...

Yes ur right @Mitaysh

Merilyn99 said...

As an American-born desi who doesn't understand poetic Hindi/Urdu, I prefer the literal translations. Thank you so much for taking the time to translate this!

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