Kaise bataun tujhe dil mera kya keh raha (3G) Lyrics Translation

Movie: 3G
Music: Mithoon Sharma
Singers: KK, Sonal Chauhan (actress)

Kaise bataaun tujhe
ki dil mera kya keh raha
rahein na faasle ye
jo hain apne darmiyan

How do I tell you
what my heart is saying..
There shouldn't remain these distance now
that are there between us..

Tere kareeb main ho sakoon
De de tu apni razaa
Paas bithaaoon ye zulf sanwaroon
Aur baahon mein le loon tujhe main
Hai dil ki ye khwaahish
ye sun le guzaarish
Aur de de tu khud ko mujhe..

Give me your permission
that I can be close to you..
I make you sit close to me and comb your hair,
and I keep you in my arms..
This is the heart's wish,
listen to my request..
And give yourself to me..

Tujh se mohabbat hui,
Hai meri hai bas ye khata
Tujh se main door rahoon
Yeh mujh ko gawara kahaan
Main tere saath mein hi rahoon
Chhodoon ye saara jahaan

I fell in love with you,
This alone is my mistake..
That I keep away from you,
is not agreeable to me..
I wish to live with you only,
and leave this whole world..

Teri adaon mein doob loon
Doob loon main tujh hi mein
Ho jaun tere itne kareeb
Ki main dikhoon ab tujh hi mein

I'd drown into your styles,
I would drown into you only..
I'd be so close to,
that I am seen in you only now..

Paas bithaoon ye zulf sawaaroon
Aur baahon mein le loon tujhe main
Hai dil ki ye khwahish
Ki sun le guzaarish
Aur de de tu khud ko mujhe


Anonymous said...

please translate khalbali the punjabi version from this movie.. Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Nice done....

Unknown said...

I m completely totally in love wid this song.....

Samriddhi said...

KK is the best. Luv u KK.

Anonymous said...

Love it a lot... It just shake my heart ��

Anonymous said...

Superbbb just in love wid dizz song...wann to dedicate diz 2 sm1 very spl..who is so precious to me

Anonymous said...

Just love

Anonymous said...

Nice lyrics

Goinrong said...

Nice lyrics

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