Dum Malang Malang: Lyrics, Translation, Video [Dhoom 3]

Q: For which song have YashRaj spent Rupees 5 Crore making it the most expensive song in Bollywood?

Q: Which song of Dhoom 3 is ONLY available in theaters?

Q: Which Bollywood song has a 48 year old actor doing aerial stunts in the dance sequence?

A: Malang.

Yes. Dum Malang Malang, or simply 'Malang' [meaning], is one of the best songs of Dhoom 3, for which Yash Raj Films have reportedly spent 5 crore rupees. Most of it on the shooting of the song of course. Also, YashRaj plans to release this song in full version ONLY in theaters, to increase the number of moviegoers. From the first look, the song is not only superb in Audio, the video of the song is really well, and that's the reason YRF thinks they'll be able to attract people to cinema halls in the name of this song, if nothing else. The stunts performed by Aamir and Katrina in the song are quite something. If not by the standards of dance reality shows, at least by the standards of Bollywood movies they're still big.

The song is sung by Siddharth Mahadevan along with Shilpa Rao, this being Siddharth's first song outside Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and his second film as a singer. The lyrics are written by Sameer.

Ishq labon pe, ishq duaa mein..
Jism mein, rooh mein, ishq rava rava ravaa ravaan..
Ishq nazar mein, ishq bashar mein..
Aks mein raks mein, ishq ke nishan nishan nishaan nishaan..

There is love on the lips, love in the prayer,
in body, soul, love flows..
Love is in sight, love in (every) human,
In the image and in mad dance, there are signs of love..

Dum malang malang dum dum malang malang
Malang malang dum dum malang malang
Malang malang dum ishq ishq hai malang mera..

Completely mad, unknown to the world around it,
Mad to the breaths,
(such) deeply mad my love is..

Ishq hai aawara, ishq hai banjaara..
Ishq hai angaara..
Rahta hai, behta hai ye ishq zarron mein..
Ishq mein mit jaaoon, ishq mein beh jaaoon..
Ishq mein ho jaaoon fana fana fanaa fanaa..

Love is vagrant, love is nomad,
love is a fireball..
It lives, and flows in particles,
I wish to end myself in love, flow in this love,
I wish to destroy myself in love..

Dum malang malang dum dum malang malang
Malang malang dum dum malang malang
Malang malang dum ishq ishq hai malang mera..

Meri mannaton mein, meri jannaton mein..
Tera hi tera shumaar hai..
Meri chaahaton pe, meri raahaton pe..
Tera hi tera khumaar hai..
Malang malang main, tere liye hi hoon malang main..

In my wishes, in my heavens,
There is just your inclusion there..
On my love, my relief,
There is only your intoxication there..

Meri ulfaton mein, meri shiddaton mein..
Sajdon [meaning] mein tera hi noor hai..
Teri bekhudi mein, teri dilkashi mein
Teri bandagi mein dil choor hai..
Malang malang main, tere liye hi hoon malang main..

In my love, in my rigor,
In my prayers, there is your divine light alone..
In your intoxication, in your love of my heart,
in your servitude my heart is immersed..

Main yahaan wahaan jaaoon jahaan darbadar badar [meaning]..
Tere liye rahti hoon besabar sabar
Teri bekaraariyon mein ishq ishq hai malang mera..

I go here and there, wherever, like a homeless,
I am impatient for you alone..
In your restlessness, my love is mad..

Dum malang malang dum dum malang malang
Malang malang dum dum malang malang
Malang malang dum ishq ishq hai malang mera..

[Malang roughly means mad, nomad. For detailed meaning, see Malang Meaning.]


Tabassum said...

Thanks a lot...awesome lyrics...love it.

Anonymous said...

Wooow Thanks

Anonymous said...

Its awesome song i have seen its video and the dance is classic it seen that they had spent 5 crore in this song and yeah at last you have translated the song awesomely like the song. Keep sharing.

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Unknown said...

Please post sargam used

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Abhay Raichand said...

This song is very touchy.awesome lyrics and fantabulous music with powerful voice..love to see d videos in theater..

Unknown said...

Nice film and aaaaawwwweeeesssssoooommmmmeeeee song

Unknown said...

I saw the video of this song in theater. It is just mesmerizing.........can't express more.....what a choreography, what an act of Amir and Katrina. I was spell bound.A must watch for everyone!

Unknown said...

Yes, theater experience of this song is amazing. I saw the first show of Dhoom 3 and I love this song.

Anonymous said...

DHOOM:3 Movie of the Year. Can watch the movie once more for Amir. love with this song. Thank you for translating.

Anonymous said...

Awesome and great job on translation! Do other songs translation like this too!

Anonymous said...

Love the song its awsome especially Katrina and amir in it.

Anonymous said...

I loved the song and the lyrics especially Katrina and amir unit.

Ibrahim Khan said...

darbadar in urdu means "here and there" although literal means dar-ba-dar= door to door

bekhudi= selflessness

also it is not "bekaraariyon" but beQaraariyon ... It is spelt with a Qaf in in Urdu the same way it is Ishq not Ishk. This makes a different sound

Also it is not rava with a v sound but w sound as in (Rawangi-departure روانگی)

Rai said...

i looooovvvve this song!
thanks for the translation

Unknown said...

wamica says this is the best song of dhoom3 this is the best song of dhoom3 wamica

Unknown said...

this is the one of the best song of 2013

Anonymous said...

Devil Song

Anynomous said...

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