Total Siyappa/ Total Siyapaa Meaning

Siyaapa or Siyaappa is a Punjabi-Urdu word which means mourning, wailing, and is also used for creating a trouble or getting into a trouble as 'siyaapa paana'.

The word comes from siyaah which means dark. Since darkness or black is considered a symbol of sadness, the word came to mean mourning and trouble.

Total Siyappa is a Hindi film and the title would means 'all kinds of troubles' or as the makers of the film say 'Total chaos' or complete chaos. The film stars Pakistani actor Ali Zafar, with Yami Gautam and Kirron Kher who plays the role of a Punjabi mother and talks about siyappa a lot in the movie.


Editor said...

By this theory, "Siyaasat" should mean state of darkness!

Taaha said...

No wonder ..In politics comman man is pushed into darkness and politicians remain in limelight

Unknown said...

Movies going to flop as audience can not connect with the title said...

don't know actual spelling of "Siyapaa", but knows meaning very well, that's why stated this portal to sharing stuffs something like funny, fiction etc.

Unknown said...

thanks arnab n adil for the song... :) :) :)

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