R Rajkumar: Lyrics' Review

I was reading a review of R.. Rajkumar's music from one of my favorite websites, milliblog, and suddenly I realized that the review talked about music, and music alone. It didn't care how bad or good (the latter is hardly the case here) the lyrics were, and so I thought we probably needed somewhere to talk lyrics specifically, and hence, a Lyrics Review. I don't know if this is going to be a regular feature here, haven't thought about it, but felt like writing on this one and so here it goes.

The album has five songs, Gandi Baat, Saree ke fall sa, Mat Maari, Dhokha Dhadi, and Kaddu Katega to sab mein Bantega. If you don't yet know, just in case, it's full of cheap and vulgar lyrics, but the two need not necessarily and completely be bad, and that's what I am going to compare and contrast.

The first song, written by Anupam Amod, has a title that sounds dirty. Gandi baat. This one certainly has good music to it, but the catch phrase Gandi baat is catchy not just in music but in the wording too. As for the rest of the lyrics, the first four lines have some amount of lyricing in them, and as soon as Gandi baat is done with, the antara parts have absolutely nothing in them. So just a catch phrase is all the lyrics it has.

And, oh, Anupam Amod isn't really a lyricist. He's part of Pritam's music team who sometimes does some singing too. For recreation of Tayyab Ali in OUATIM, Anupam was given the credit while Pritam was composing the album in general. This is probably the first time he wrote a song.

Saree ke fall sa, kabhi match kiya re. This was the line that made me write this review. I don't know how many people would agree with me, or in fact if anybody would, but I believe that this is a really innovative line, something in which I find poetry, albeit in a different way. However, what I hated in the song was that after this line, almost every single line that comes in same tune is just rubbish rhyming, like 'dil scratch kiya re'. I mean, I am not even interested in the justiification of how you scratch someone's heart, it's just crap lyrics. Mayur, one catchy line was all you had in this song. Oh, and the touch karke touch karke, kahan chal di bach karke was very easy, but nice mould on the lovely music.

The next, Mat Maari, is again something interesting, written by Ashish Pandit. From the opening fight of gaalis, I thought this was another crap song, but Kunal's singing had some class here, and a line or two was interesting too. For example, the line 'thodi body bachi thi, wo bhi isaq ki bimari mein pad gayi pad gayi' is kinda funny with it's singing and expressions, and the climax with 'na din ka pata hai ki mangal hai budh hai' is thoughtful. Not Gulzar or Javed Akhtar kind of thoughtful, but much better than 'God Allah or Bhagwaan ne Banaya ek Insaan' types. [I really hate that line I guess.]

Dhokha Dhadi, written by Neelesh Misra, doesn't have the cheap types of lyrics, however, the best part of the lyrics is the first four lines, where he humanizes eyes. That's some good poetry. Also, 'mere kaano mein kahin roshandaano se chhanti teri aawaz hai' part is okay too.

The worst of the album, however, is Kaddu Katega to Sab mein Bantega. I mean yes, I understand what is being talked about, but it's not only gross, it's totally devoid of any poetry of any kind. This one, I'd just leave out from discussing anymore.

Overall, R... Rajkumar isn't a box of lovely lyrics. In fact most of the lyrics in the album are just above the _____ mein dum hai to line. Yet most of the songs have a catch phrase that goes well with the music and keeps things foot tapping. If only these lyricists had something a little deeper within the songs too.

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