Kise/ Ise Kehte Hain Hip-Hop Hip Hop | Yo Yo Honey Singh

Music: Honey Singh
Lyrics, Singers: Honey Singh, Lil Golu
Music Label: T-Series

Yo Yo Honey Singh comes up with another catchy number, and in this one, he talks all about himself, and promises to get a Grammy home too. As the name says, this one is purely a hip hop number, and the song as well as the video are quite simplistic, and yet catchy. The lyrics maybe a little narcissistic in some people's opinion. However, it's the artist's own expression and we are not responsible for that in any way. ;)

Kise kehte hain Hip-Hop Hip-Hop..
ise kehte hain Hip-Hop Hip-Hop..

What's called Hip-hop Hip-hop,
This is called Hip-hop Hip-hop..

Shuru kiya maine as a music director
Aaj mere yaar dost bade-bade actor
Waise Bollywood mein aati roz picturein
Par superhit picturon ka Yo Yo X-Factor
Ye main nahi kehta wo khud yehi maante
Koyle ki khaan mein heere ko pehchaante
Middle class boy aaj superstar hai
Chartered mein ghoome aur chaar badi car hai

I started as a music director,
Today big actors are my friends.
As such movies come everyday in Bollywood,
but Yo-Yo is the X-factor of superhit films.
I don't say this, they themselves agree.
They recognize the diamond in the coal mine.
Middle class boy is superstar today.
He travels in chartered flights and has four big cars.

Isey kehte hain Hip-Hop Hip-Hop
bete ise kehte hain Hip-Hop Hip-Hop..

This is called Hip-hop Hip-hop
my son, this is called Hip-hop Hip-hop..

Million dollars, I don't give a damn
Kudiyaan-shudiyaan, I don't give a damn
Badi hai soch meri, bade hain plans
Jo kuch bhi hoon, 'cause of my fans
Jo bhi maine bola wo main karke dikhaaunga
Mere liye duaa karo, Grammy le aaunga
Kasam Bajrang Bali ki
Desi ghee ki boondi, sakarpare batwaaunga

Million dollars, I don't give a damn
girls etc., I don't give a damn
My thought process is big and I've big plans
Whatever I am, 'cause of my fans
Whatever I said, I'll do it,
Pray for me, I'll take home a Grammy.
I swear in the name of God [Lord Hanuman],
I'll distribute pure ghee sweets..

Jis din, jis din, jis din, jis din
Jis din... main Grammy le aaunga

The day, the day, the day, the day,
the day I get Grammy..

kise kehte hain Hip-Hop Hip Hop
Isse kehte hain Hip-Hop Hip-Hop

Lil Golu:
Pehla gaana suna maine jab "Ass like that"
Khud se kiya tha sawaal
Golu, who the damn is that?
Raat bhar wo gaana kaanon mein bajaaya
Tab kahin jaake mujhe thoda samajh aaya

When I heard the first song "Ass like that"
I asked myself the question
Golu, Who the damn is that?
All night I played that song in my ears,
Then only I was able to understand a little bit of it.

Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Eazy-E
Bollywood mein nahin Hip Hop mein tarjeeh
Hip Hop ki samajh mere DNA mein thi
I'm feeling so high, Baby so stress free

Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Eazy-E
My preference was not in Bollywood but in Hip Hop.
The understanding of Hip Hop was in my DNA,
I'm feeling so high, Baby so stress free

Chocolate na hoti to phir socho kaisa hota
Bournvita na hota to phir doodh ka kya hota
Socho Honey Singh hi agar paida hua na hota
To phir music industry ka revolution hi nahi hota

If there was no chocolate, think how would it be.
If there was no bournvita, what would have happened to milk.
Think if Honey Singh was not born,
then there would be no revolution in the music industry.

Main ulti t-shirt daaloon meri marzi
Main gaaun ya naa gaaun baby meri marzi
Hygiene wala naatak-shaatak mujhse nahi hota
Saat din na nahaaun baby meri marzi

Whether I wear the t-shirt inside out, it's my wish
Whether I sing or not, it's my wish
I can't do the hygiene etc. drama,
If I don't take bath for seven days, it's my wish.

Kise kehte hain Hip-Hop Hip-Hop..
Ise kehte hain Hip-Hop Hip-Hop

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KUCH SONG, Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania KE BHI POST KARO
OR KUCH, Johnny Johnny (It's Entertainment) KE

OR KUCH, Hate Story-2 KE BHI

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