Awaari/ Awari Meaning

Awaara is a word. Awaargi is a word. Awarapan didn't use to be a word, but now is. Awaari wasn't a word. It may become one.

Awaara, as mentioned in another post, 'means someone away from or without a family, someone who roams around without any work etc., a wanderer, vagrant.'

Now, though Awaari didn't exist (a female awaara was still called awaara only, as in, awaara ladka, and awaara ladki, though the word is much less used with the fairer gender), there is a song titled awaari in Ek Villain, written by Pakistani band Soch. The meaning of the word as they want it is clear. A lady who is awaara, that is a lady who is homeless, vagrant, wandered, with nowhere to go, is an Awaari.

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