Sadiyon ki Khushi Hai Yehi Zindagi Lyrics Translation | Kick

Movie: Kick
Music: Meet Bros Anjjan
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singer: Salman Khan
Music Label: T-Series

Jaana, kahaan pe bhatki thi zindagi
Wo aansoo thay jin ko main samjha tha khushi

O beloved, where was the life stuck..
Those were tears which I thought of as happiness..

Bewajah jiya ab tak
Pataa na tha, aaj jaana hai
Waqt ke chhote se ik pal mein
Hai sadiyon ki khushi
Hai yehi zindagi

I lived till now for no reason,
I didn't know that I have to go today..
In this small moment of time,
It's joy of centuries,
This, is life.

Raahon mein raahein Khuda ki mil gayin
O.. un pe ab chalna nahi jaana hai kahin
Roshni na thi aisi kabhi in nigaahon mein
Aaj jo mila khud ko laga main pehla sa nahi

My paths met with the God's path..
Now I have to just walk on them, don't have to go anywhere else.
There was never such light in these eyes..
Today when I met myself, I didn't look like myself to me.

Hai yehi zindagi
Hai sadiyon ki khushi
Hai yehi zindagi

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