Yuddham Chey ra Lyrics and translation | Asura (2015)

Movie: Asura (2015)
Music: Sai Karthik
Lyrics: Vashisht sharma
Singer: MLR Karthikeyan

Yuddham Chey ra neeve veera
Asura asura asura asura
Dhairyam neelo unde amshara
Asura asura asura asura

Bravura! Combat Now
Demon, Giant!
Courage and endurance are what you possess
Beast, Monster!

Asura means someone who is a demon. Cruel personality was decribed here. Best known example of Asura is Lord Ravana.

Vicchala vidiga vidhini vidhilinchina  thucchula tharimi tharimi chedhirinchaga
chicchuga ubiki paikegasi dhookina asurudu veedura
Yetthulu vesi thananu edhirinchina rakkasi mooka thelivi thala dhannaga 
Netthuru marugu niluvethu nyayam veede veedura
Vacchei ra neeve veera
Ventaadevaadu ee asura
Vetaadevaadu ee asura
Vidhvamsapu roopam asura
Vidhrohapu antham asura
Yuddham chey ra veera
Rana rangam needhe dheera
Siddham avara shoora
Sandhinche asthram kaara
Thappuni chidhimese thala ethina
dharmam veederaa
Muppuni masi chese mukkantiki jode ra
Nippulu yedhachimme nijamuki niluvadham veedera
Oppuki rujuvera…
Manchini eppudu thappadura
Chedutho chedugudu aataduthaadu ra
Neethula geethalu dhaati mari
Avineethini kaatiki pamputhaadu 

He is the one who sees the end of Vicious people who go againist Law/time
He is like an erupted volcanoe
He counteracts the plans of the bad guys
He is a man of justice
Come on, You demon
This beast is someone who chases
This beast is someone who hunts
He is the form of destruction
He is the end of enemity
Bravura! Combat Now
The combat field is yours
Get ready Oh warrior
Be a weapon that is ready to use
He is the justice who came to trample the wrong
He is companion to lord SIva in dealing troubles
He is a reflection of truth
And a proof of righteous things
He would always be honest and sincere
He bashes the bad guys
If necessary he crosses the Law
to send Injustice to hell.

Vicchala vidiga | Repeat |

Yuddham Chey | Repeat |

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