Tuti Bole Wedding Di Lyrics Translation | Welcome Back

Movie: Welcome Back
Music: Meet Bros, Anjjan
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singers: Meet Bros, Shipra Goyal, Ashish, Ved, Ruchir, Bipin, Ambresh
Music Label: T-Series

o tutti bole wedding di

Wedding rocks.. [Idiomatic usage. For more details, see THIS POST.]

ghunghte mein chupi hai gori
dil mera karke chori
tere kangne ka meetha meetha sound soniye..

the fair girl is hiding under the veil,
having stolen my heart..
the sound of your bangle is sweet, O beautiful girl..

tere kangne ka meetha meetha sound soniye
tere aage-peechhe maarun main to round soniye
shaadi waale Dham Dham Dham karke
Dhol bajde hain all-around soniye

the sound of your bangle is sweet, O beautiful girl..
I keep taking rounds near you..
the wedding drums beat all around loudly, O beautiful one..

teri ankh naal ankh meri set ho gayi
saare kehne lage jodi perfect ho gayi

your eyes have met mine,
everyone now says that it’s a perfect pair..

o tooti bole wedding di..

jhumka mera mera leta hai naam ye tera tera,
ik bas tere liye liye dil mera senti hua,
tujhse mila saara zamana to jala jala,
tujhse jo setting hui hui, har koi anti hua,

my earrings take your name,
just for you this heart of mine has become sentimental,
when I met you the whole world is jealous,
now that I am set with you, everyone is anti-me..

na Dorey Daal tu gori pe
full stop laga love story pe,
romance mein kitne ho gaye tabaah,
arey daaru shaaru chaDhi chaDhi
teri baat jo aage baDhi baDhi,
tera banD shanD denge hum baja,
phir aayega maza,

don’t make passes on the girl,
put a full stop on your love story,
so many have gone astray in romance..
once the drinks intoxicate (us)
and your story moves ahead,
we’ll play your band..
then it’ll be fun..

[in Hindi, band bajaana is also proverbially used for kind of ruining someone, though not in a very serious way.]

o tooti bole wedding di

halchal machne lagi
main tere sang janchne lagi
tu mere sang fit ho gaya
ho dil ne announce kiya
pehla pehla love ye mera
ki parde pe hit ho gaya..

there is a stir (within me)
I began to look good with you,
and you fit with me..
the heart announced,
this first love of mine,
that it’s a hit on the screen..

filmy hai tera ishq ishq
naa le tu aise risk risk
ye climax tera tujhko kya pataa

your love is filmy,
don’t take such a risk,
you don’t know how your climax would be..

naa bajaa tu love ki been been
na signal denge green green
red gaaDi apni side pe hataa
ho saawan ki ghata..

don’t play the tune of your love,
we’ll not give you the green signal,
move aside your red car,
like some rain cloud..

o tuti bole wedding di

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