Haminasto/ Hami-asto Lyrics Translation | Fitoor

Movie: Fitoor
Music: Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire
Singer: Zeb Bangash
Label: Zee Music Company

This is a song that talks about Kashmir, quoting Amir Khusrau, who said ‘if there is paradise on earth somewhere, here it is, here it is!’ and at the same time talking about the current situation of Kashmir, where there is terrorism, death, and desolation all around, and shows one the irony of how such a wonderful place is ruined so badly.

gar firdaus, barooye zameen ast
haminasto, haminasto
meri jaan rooh dil se baabast
haminasto, haminasto..

if there is paradise on this earth somewhere,
here it is, here it is.
inhabited by my life, my soul and my heart,
this is the place, here it is.

[The first two lines (gar firdaus … hamiasto) are Amir Khusrau’s lines, written in Parsi.]

khaamosh darakhton ke saaye
ye khauf hai soya saa
kuch khoya khoya humne bhi
ye chehra hai roya saa

even the shadows of trees are silent here,
it’s a sleeping fear here..
I also have lost something,
this face is as if it has cried..

murjhate gulon ne jhuk ke kaha
hume aadat hai hamin asto…
chalte lamhon ne ruk ke kaha
inaayat hai hamin asto…

even the dying flowers bowed and said,
we are used to this.. in this place.
moving moments stopped and said,
it’s mercy on us.. in this place.

ye veerane, ye sannaate
ye kya bol rahe hain
aate jaate, aate jaate

these desolate places, these silences,
what are they saying
as they pass?

panchhi saare uD gaye kahin
bas ghonsley hain haminasto
gar jannat hai zameen pe kaheen
yaheen pe hai haminasto, haminasto..

all the birds have flown away somewhere,
only the nests are there, in this place.
if there is heaven on earth somewhere,
here it is.. here it is..

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