Saala Khadoos Lyrics Translation | Title Song

Movie: Saala Khadoos
Music: Santhosh Narayanan
Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire
Singer: Vishal Dadlani
Music Label: T-Series

main zara sa sarfira
raahon pe niDar chala
rag rag mein khaula sa gussa hai mera
muTThi mein bheencha sa mukka hai mera..
saala khaDoos bolein mujhe to kya hua...

I’m a little crazy,
I walk on my path without fear,
in all my veins there is boiling anger
there is my punch clenched in my fist,
so what if they call me a snob.

[for more on the meaning of Saala Khadoos, check this post.]

gussa mera gussa mujhe chalna sikhaaye
fitoor ye fitoor mujhe raah dikhaaye
duniya ki reet mujhe samajh na aaye
jaaunga bekhauf jahan raahein leke jaayein
wo ho...

my anger teaches me how to walk.
my craziness shows me the path.
I don’t get the ways of the world,
I’ll go fearlessly where the path takes me.

mujhko sharam kaisi nanga hoon main
chaahe akela hoon, changa hoon main
saala khaDoos bolein mujhe to kya hua...

I don’t feel any shyness, I am like naked,
Even if I am alone, I am good like I am.
so what if they call me a snob.

jhooTh ye fareb jab mere aaDe aaye
zubaan meri zubaan kaali yaheen par saaye
sanak ye chaahe koi samajh na paaye
parwaah hai kise jiyoon sar ko uThaye
wo ho..

when lies and deception trouble me,
my tongue is dark, with shadows on it.
[kaali zubaan is proverbially used for someone who says bad things which turn out to be true, but here it’s probably limited to saying bad things and not necessarily on the latter part.]
even if nobody is able to understand this madness,
who cares, I live with my head held high.

khud apna hi taur-tareeka hoon main
aawara banjara lukkha hoon main

I am my own manners,
I am vagrant, nomad..

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