O Sanam Lyrics Translation | Lucky Ali

Album: Sunoh (1996)
Music: Lucky Ali
Lyrics: Aslam
Singer: Lucky Ali
Label: BMG Crescendo

shaam savere teri yaadein aati hain
aake dil ko mere yoon taDpaati hain
o sanam mohabbat ki kasam..

morning and evening, your memories come (to haunt me),
those memories come and torment my heart..
O my beloved, I swear on love..

milke bichhaDna to dastoor ho gaya
yaadon mein teri majboor ho gaya
o sanam in yaadon ki kasam

it’s become a tradition to get separated after meeting.
I’ve become so helpless in your memories,
O my beloved, I swear on these memories..

samjhe zamaana ke dil hai khilauna
jaana hai ab kya hai dil ka lagaana
nazron se ab na humko giraana
mar bhi gaye to bhool na jaana.

the world thinks that the heart is a toy,
but I have now understood what it is to give someone your heart.
now (whatever you do), don’t ever let me fall from your good graces.
even if I die, don’t forget me.

aankhon mein basee ho par door ho kaheen
dil ke kareeb ho ye mujhko hai yakeen
o sanam tere pyaar ki kasam..

you live in my eyes but you are far away somewhere,
and still I believe that you are somewhere near me..
O my beloved, I swear on your love..

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