Mere Fuks Kho Gaye / Therapy Lyrics Translation | Badshah (2017)

Single: Therapy
Music: Badshah
Lyrics: Badshah
Singer: Badshah
Label: Badshah / One Digital Entertainment

One of those simple, personal songs by Badshah that seem to come straight out of the heart. In this one Badshah talks about his success, some of his own flaws, about how it's lonely at the top and how he misses a friend of earlier days, who is probably none other than Yo Yo Honey Singh.

[User discretion may be required, as there are a couple of swear words in the lyrics.]

sage bhai bane anjaane
anjaane bane bhai
mere gaano mein hai sab truth
meri zindagi hai lie

real brothers became strangers,
and strangers became brothers.
there is all truth in my songs,
my life is a lie.

mere ghar pe kalesh hai
har roz hai laRaayi
kuch bhi nahi hai apna
har cheez hai paraayi

there is trouble in my home,
everyday there are fights.
There is nothing that's my own,
everything is others'.

ye sab kuch bhulaake
main studio hoon aaya
na saath mein koi
khud laptop lagaya
likhe hue gaanon ko fir beat pe bahaaya
peeta nahi par aaj peg neat hai banaaya
log sochein mera time up
that I’m about to die
phir bhi baiThaa Top pe
karte raho Try.

forgetting it all,
I have come to the studio.
there is nobody with me,
I connected the laptop on my own.
then I made the written songs flow on the beat,
I don't drink, but today I made a peg, neat.
people think my time is up,
that I'm about to die.
and yet I sit on the top,
keep on trying (to dislodge me from there).

gaane saare super-duper-hit
jisme mera naam aaye
main sabke kaam aaya but
na koi mere kaam aaye

all the songs are super hits,
in which my name is there.
I was useful to all,
but nobody is there for me.

fuck them fuck you man fuck everyone
jo kiya wo khud kiya main karun jo bhi mera man
mere gaane lage chutiya to kaan karle band
mera shopping mall ne teri dukaan kardi band

fuck them fuck you man fuck everyone
what I did, I did on my own, and I'll do as I wish to do.
if my songs sound idiotic, close your ears,
my shopping mall has shut your shop.

ek tha mera bhai
aaj uski yaad aayi
wo bhi kaisa time tha
kyon ho gayi laRaai
saari saari raat studio mein
karte the bakaai
laRke the do dilli ke
jinhone history banayi
aaj utna hi akela main
jitna hoon main high.

I had a brother of mine,
I remember him today.
what a time it was,
why was there a fight (between us)?
all night, we used to do talk nonsense
in the studio.
they were two boys from Delhi,
who made the history.
today I'm as lonely,
as high (in stature) I am.

mere CA se sambhalti nahi, meri kamaai
third class meri harkatein
first class karoon fly
ego aa hi jaata hai boy
chaahe jitna karo try

my chartered accountant isn't able to handle my earnings
(so much do I earn).
my actions are third class (bad),
but I fly first class.
Ego gets into you,
however hard you try (not to give in to ego).

cabin band koi shor nahi flight emirates
late aaun jaan-boojh ke main log karein wait
wifi chhattees hazaar foot pe whatsapp pe
karoRon ki main dealein kar raha negotiate
pichhle saal se thoRa zyada ho gaya hai weight
pichhle saal se dugna ho gaya hai mera rate
pichhle saal tha main good
is saal hoon main great
agle saal greatest
yaad rakhna ye date

the cabin is closed, there is no noise, it's an emirates flight,
I come late knowingly and people wait.
at thirty six thousand feet (in a plane), on whatsapp
I negotiate deals in crores.
my weight has increased a bit compared to last year,
and compared to last year, my rate has doubled.
last year I was good,
but this year I am great.
next year I'll be the greatest.
Remember this date.

mere competitor, obsolete ho gaye
jo bhi bante the bitter
saale sweet ho gaye
mere aage rapperon ke
lafz kho gaye
but I don’t give a fuck
mere fucks kho gaye
mere fucks kho gaye
mere fucks kho gaye

my competitors have become obsolete,
those who used to be bitter,
have all become sweet.
in front of me, the words of all the rappers
are lost.
But I don't give a damn,
I have lost them all.
(i.e. I have lost the capability of caring now.)

jo bhi thhe mere close
wo saare shakhs kho gaye
but I don’t give a fuck
mere fucks kho gaye

those who were close to me,
all those people are lost.
I don't care now,
I have lost that caring ability.

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