Mere Hona Aahista Aahista Lyrics Translation | Laila Majnu (2018)

Movie: Laila Majnu (2018)
Music: Niladri Kumar
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Jonita Gandhi, Arijit Singh
Label: Zee Music Company

tum milo roz hi
magar hai ye baat bhi
mere hona aahista aahista
mere hona aahista aahista

you, meet me every day.
but there is this too,
that you be mine, slowly.

tum mere ho rahe,
ya ho gaye
ya hai faasla
poochhe dil to kahoon main kya bhala
dil sawaalon se hi na de rula
hota kya hai aahista aahista
hona kya hai aahista aahista

are you becoming mine?
Or are mine already?
Or is there a distance?
What do I tell my heart when it asks?
I hope the heart doesn't make me cry by asking only.
what ever happens slowly!
what will happen slowly? (Nothing will.)

doori ye kam hi na ho
main neendon mein bhi chal raha
hota hai kal bewafa
ye aata nahin, chhal raha...

This distance (between us) isn't reducing,
I am walking even in my dreams.
tomorrow is unfaithful,
it doesn't come. It's deceiving me.

laakh vaade jahaan ke jhooThe hain
log aadhe jahaan ke jhooThe hain
mere hona ahista ahista
mere hona ahista ahista

all the promises of the world are false.
half of the people in the world are liars.
become mine, slowly.

maine baat ye tumse kehni hai
tera pyaar khushi ki Tehni hai
main shaam sehar ab hansta hoon
maine yaad tumhari pehni hai

I have to say this to you,
that your love is a branch of love.
I now smile all the time.
I am wearing your memory.

mere hona aahista aahista...

hota kya hai aahista aahista
hona kya hai aahista aahista...

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