F for Fyaar Lyrics Translation | Manmarziyaan (2018)

Movie: Manmarziyaan [Meaning]
Music: Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Shellee, Sikandar Kahlon
Singers: Vicky Kaushal, Mast Ali, Sikandar Kahlon
Label: Eros Music

main keha munDe te kuRiyon
boys and girls!
dj sandz presents
F for fyaar!

I say, boys and girls,
DJ Sandz presents,
F for Fyaar.

[Fyaar is a word made up by replacing 'P' in Pyaar, that is love, with F, which here stands for the F-word. So Fyaar here means a more physical form of love. If you want to simplify further, this song seems to be talking about s*x between lovers and comparing it with love. Here, for the ease of writing, I have translated Fyaar as Lust.]

pyaar yaara toRe dil kadi joR de
fyaar yaara strong se palang toR de
pyaar dildaar manzil moR de
fyaar good night 'ch paTaakhe phoR de

Love repairs broken hearts,
Whereas lust can break strong beds.
Love and lover can change your destination,
Lust can burst firecrackers on a good night.

P for pyaar hai bahaar
F for fyaar,
mazedaar yaar vey
baar baar vey
utar naa paaye ye
aisa bukhaar vey

Love is a spring,
while Fyaar, is fun.
Again and again.
It's a fever that doesn't come down.

pyaar vich raanjhe majnu luT gaye
fyaar waale jagah milte hi juT gaye
pyaar vich kadi man gaye ruTh gaye
fyaar vich by god paseene chhuT gaye

In love, lovers lost everything.
While those in lust, get started as soon as they find a place.
Lovers sometimes get angry and sometimes placate.
While in fyaar, there is a lot of sweat.

P for pyaar, hai gulzar
F for fyaar,
lajjatdar yaar vey
beshumaar vey
utar naa paaye
ye aisa bukhaar vey...

Love blossoms like flowers,
while lust is infinitely delightful,
It's a fever that doesn't come down.

pyaar baRa pure or pious hai jee
fyaar vich hove unchcha noise hai jee
pyaar vaade kasmein aazmaaish hai jee
fyaar se duniya ki paidaaish hai jee

Love is very pure and pious,
While in fyaar, there is a lot of noise.
Love involves promises and ordeals,
while the world is born out of fyaar.

P for pyaar, asardaar...
F for fyaar,
zaayekedaar yaar vey
nashedaar vey
utar naa paaye
ye aisa bukhaar vey...

Love is effective,
but Fyaar is delicious, intoxicating.
It's a fever that doesn't come down.

mennu ni chaahida pyaar, aye!
mennu te chaahida fyaar, aye!
hoja huN tu vi taiyaar, aye!
jaade bahaane na maar, aye!
baahr meri khaRi ae car
le ke taenu ho jaana faraar

I don't want love.
I want Fyaar.
Now you too get ready.
Don't give me too many excuses.
My car is outside.
I have to take you and get away.

hot haigi tu
tere naal reh ke chaRhe bukhaar
kee tera naam?
teri aankhaan ‘chon main pee lawaan jaam
fassi tere ‘ch jaan
lokaan nu puch main banda nahi aam

You are hot,
I get a fever when I'm with you.
What's your name?
I can drink from your eyes,
My life is stuck in you.
Ask people, I'm not a common person.

chal okay?
huN kaun saanu roke
jaago poori raat aaj ki karna so ke
hai paisa, koi ni merey jaisa
tu hi mera perfect match aa
thoRi hi door mera flat aa
man jaa aaj jaT poora tight aa
teri zulfaan ‘ch main raat bitaani
pyaar nahin ae saaDDi
fyaar kahaani!

Now who'd stop us?
Stay awake all night, what's the need to sleep tonight?
I have money, there is no one like me.
You are my perfect match.
My flat is close by.
Listen to me, I'm completely drunk today.
I want to spend my night in your tresses.
This story of ours is not a love story, but a story of Fyaar!

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